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Static ip address


Static ip address

I am having a video surveillance system installed that will have a dvr installed such that I can view online. It requires a static ip address. How do I determine this without having the painful act of contacting customer support
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Re: Static ip address

I don't believe UVerse offers a static IP, but I may be wrong.  That said, I don't believe the IP address changes much, but may change a couple of times a year.


The best way around this is with url forwarding service.  Many are free - I have been using DYNDNS with the same address for 10 years.  The ip address you are given (something like is automatically updated with your current IP address.  So all you need to do is access and you can reach your home network.  One requirement - you must run a small program on a computer on your network that checks and updates the IP address.  It's best if this computer is always on.


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