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Sound on Standard TV Channels Disappears...


Sound on Standard TV Channels Disappears...

Hi - I've had UVerse (with HD service) working great for over 6 months now. All of a sudden I recently discovered two sound problems that seem to have started for no apparent reason:


1. The sound on standard TV (non-HD) channels no longer works.

2. When I first turn on my UVerse box (VIP1225) and an HD channel comes up, the sound does not work until I change channels.


I'm using the same TV and audio receiver as I have been all along. I'm using the optical output on the cable box. No cables/configurations were changed at all, and I've played around with any settings on my receiver that could have changed (not a very complicated receiver so not much there to mess with).


I have toggled the settings in Audio Options >> Digital audio Output to both "Stereo" and "Surround sound" on the cable box. The HD sound only plays when set to "Surround sound" and the standard TV doesn't work for either.


Anyone else seen this issue and any ideas why the sound on my standard channels would have suddenly disappeared?




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Re: Sound on Standard TV Channels Disappears...

To get the SD audio, you need the red/white RCA stereo audio cables from the DVR/STB to the receiver, then choose Stereo on the receiver and in Audio Options, this should get you SD sound. :smileywink:



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Re: Sound on Standard TV Channels Disappears...

Check the volume control on the STB box itself (you will need the U-Verse remote control, and may need to temporarily reprogram it to control the volume on the STB).


If the volume somehow got lowered to 0 it will cause the symptoms you describe.  Turn it all the way up (you will see a numerical volume control in the upper right-hand corner of the screen), it will top out at 25.


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Re: Sound on Standard TV Channels Disappears...

I use optical audio from my DVR to my audio receiver.  No RCA.  The audio for SD channels is lower than HD channels, but it only requires a quick input from me to adjust.  That has only happened for the last couple of months.  Before that the audio level was about the same across all channels (except the commercials are ALWAYS louder).  For me using optical output the DVR/STB audio has to be set to anything other than zero.  At zero my system is totally muted.  Any setting between 1 and 25 outputs full volume to the AV receiver.  The STB in the bedroom uses RCA output to the TV.  No optical.  Changing the STB volume from 1 to 25 increases/decreases the loudness as I go up or down the scale.  At zero it is full muted.

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Re: Sound on Standard TV Channels Disappears...

Thanks for all the replies. SomeJoe777's response was right on. I simply had to change my remote to control the cable box (rather than my receiver) and unmute the cable box.


Even though my remote is always suppose to control the sound on my receiver, somehow it ended up muting the cable box itself a few nights back. I was able to get HD sound because when I adjusted the Audio Options from Surround Sound to Stereo and back to Surround Sound it "unmuted" the HD channels; however, the SD channels were still muted (sounds a bit like a bug or quirk).


I'm only using an optical cable for my sound, and, like Diamond_Jim says, you can indeed use it for both SD and HD channel sounds ... just make sure your cable box isn't on mute or at a volume level of 0!




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