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Sluggish remote--NOT near an LCD or plasma TV, regardless of whether TV is on


Sluggish remote--NOT near an LCD or plasma TV, regardless of whether TV is on

Hi, community:


I have an STB in the family room with an older Sony television (not LCD or plasma). The STB has been increasingly slow in responding to the remote, to the point that it now requires multiple presses in weird positions to get a response.


I also have another old tube-based TV in the bedroom that's linked to the STB in the family room. I have an IR repeater (with the ludicrous brand name POWERMID) set up so that I can change channels on the STB from the bedroom. I also have a second Uverse remote that I use in that room.


I've had this setup for at least 18 months, and it always worked fine. But recently, it's become increasingly sluggish, to the point that I have to push a button multiple times in all different kinds of directions to get a response. And I can press the same button in exactly the same position a second time and it won't work.


I don't think it's interference from either TV since they're both old and don't even have energy saver modes to turn off. It's not the remote(s), because two are unlikely to fail in the same way. I put fresh batteries in each remote; no change. If I turn the IR extender off, the remotes still don't work (in the room with the STB, obviously, because it wouldn't work from the other room with the IR extender off). 


Any other tricks to try or should I just call AT&T? (As I write up the whole sob story, it's pretty obvious that's the next step--I guess I'm hoping for some other insight because I don't feel like dealing with a service call.)






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Re: Sluggish remote--NOT near an LCD or plasma TV, regardless of whether TV is on

Have you changed the batteries in the remote? I had this happen to me on two of my STB's within about two weeks. I checked the batteries initially and the voltage was fine. Purchased some new Duracell batteries and the remotes are wokring  again. The symptoms were exactly as you describe.

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Re: Sluggish remote--NOT near an LCD or plasma TV, regardless of whether TV is on

Sometimes when the DVR is nearly full of recordings it will slow the funtioning of the whole system down, particularly the response of remotes. You may want to check this (Menu>Options>System Options>System Info>System Resources>Disk usage (at bottom).


Another cause may be after 18 months of use the remotes are just plain worn out. Look for an AT&T U-verse truck in your area and ask the tech to give you a couple new replacement remotes. Or you can call the direct TS number in my sig and ask them to send you out 2 replacements. They should not charge for this and if they try to, just call another rep until you get them for free.


The last tech who was at my house said he always carries a box of 20 remotes on his truck and hands them out like candy. He said they sure don't last very long and I just received 2 replacements myself.


Good luck. :smileyhappy:


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