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Slow wireless connection


Slow wireless connection

I have searched and haven't found a thread that I can understand and have help at the same time :smileyhappy:

I have talked to tech support several times but haven't gotten someone who has been able to figure out my issue though they are very nice.


When i was on cable and using my belkin play router i was paying for 6.0 and ran wireless at 5.8 or 5.9.


I moved to an apt that has uverse.  When i am hard wired to the router i am paying for and getting 6.0.  when i go wireless on the rg i drop to about 3.8.


I have tried changing channels and 3.8 is the fastes it can get.  I am in an apartment and there are at least 7 or 8 strong signals for other people with 2wire units.


I still have the belkin play router and can set that up, but when i just connected it straight to the rg it didn't "see" the internet (i tried both plugging in to a lan connection and also the one that said "ethernet" and was taped off).


i have done resets, restarts, reboots, unplugs, to no avail.


is there a fix for the rg to use it straight and have less of a drop in speed?  i have tried holding the lap top right next to the rg and also at various  distances with no change in the speed.


if i can't fix the rg, what settings do i need to change on the rg and/or the belkin to make everyone play nice together?


i have a dell laptop, run windows xp.  i am using to test speeds.


i am semi-savvy but need step by step help with simple words :smileyhappy:


thanks so much!



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Re: Slow wireless connection

follow up question...


could this be my computer?  or does good speed when directly connected by wire vs. slow with wireless point to a wireless problem?



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Re: Slow wireless connection

Wireless is more variable; take a look at SomeJoe's excellent post regarding interference:


Try downloading inSSIDer and you will see your Wireless connection (and others in the 'hood) flux up and down.


That program will also let you see if too many are on the same Wireless channel as yourself. 


Try going to this page in the UV RG/modem and changing to another Channel, based on what inSSIDer shows you.


(You'll need the password on a sticker, bottom/side edge of UV RG/modem.)

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Re: Slow wireless connection

I just spent an hour or more on the phone with the uverse people


they bumped up my speed allowance to 12 mg....and wired i get 11.89, and yet the wireless router continues to max out at 3.7.....


they are sending someone out tomorrow to check it out, but i want to set up my belkin play wireless to see what happens.


im going to make a seperate post to get info on that


continue to appreciate any advice, I am very frustrated!



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Re: Slow wireless connection

Could be the Dell Wireless Utility.

If it is, it's not really a speed issue. More like a connect / disconnect issue.


Here's how to get rid of that tools control :


Look in your Start => Programs => Dell Wireless => Dell Wireless Utility.

Look for the Wireless tab. If it's there, the only thing that should be checked off is Wireless Radio. Uncheck anything else. If not try this :


Go to Start => Run (Windows XP) / Start Search (Vista & Windows 7) => Type in Services.msc => Enter and look for Dell WLAN => Double click to open the properties page. Disable and stop the utility. Hit OK. Close all open windows and restart the computer.


You might need to reconnect to the internet but this'll help the speed.

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Re: Slow wireless connection

i don't have the dell wireless tool, i can choose either intel or windows to control the wireless



if i didn't mention it, i was running 5.8 on a 6.0 connection with charter a few weeks ago


trying to set up the belkin now, but don't know which settings /ip adress/etc i need to specify...


thanks for continued advice!

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Re: Slow wireless connection

i got the belkin play set up, turned off the wireless on the 2wire faster than the 2wire.



so it isn't a problem on the router side, it must be something about my computer......arrggghhh...


ill have my computer guy work on my computer next week, but if anyone has suggestions on things to check myself that would be super!



so -- 12 mg when wire connected, 3.8 (or slower) when using either wireless router.....i have excellent signal strength, went back to just using the 2wire wireless.......intelpro wireless internal modem -- it has run at appropriate speeds on my old system, can't think of any new software i have installed.  i do have norton antivirus and firewall, etc, which having off did not fix the issue.


thanks for advice!



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Re: Slow wireless connection

I had a problem a few years ago with having a 2.4 Ghz phone too near my router. Anytime I was on the phone the wireless would slow to a crawl or lose connection altogether.


You might check the area near the RG + router and eliminate the possibility of interference before the techs get there tomorrow. 


If you're using Win7 click on the gray connection icon on the right side of taskbar which brings up your available networks,  right click on the one you're connected to, click status which brings up a display box and in that box you can see the speed of your wireless connection. For wireless G it should be 54 Mbps. If it is, then you can eliminate the wireless connection to your router and concentrate on the RG and the connection to the Belkin.

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Re: Slow wireless connection

Well, you've made some progress by narrowing it down. :smileywink:


Did you read SomeJoe's link about other things to try regarding wireless interference?  He's covered it all, maybe some you haven't thought of?


Also, is Windows Zero Config. turned on and set to manage your wireless?



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