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Simplifying the Uverse remote for elderly - Logitech Harmony


Simplifying the Uverse remote for elderly - Logitech Harmony

We recently switched our elderly mother to Uverse.  She has some dementia and has been struggling with the standard remote.  She really only needs a very simple remote, TV on/off, STB channel up/down, volume up/up more (she doesn't hear well).  The DVR function is totally out of her comprehension and effectively does not exist.


It appears that the Logitech Harmony remotes are the only viable options.  Can anyone tell me if the Harmony remotes can be programmed to do just these tasks, plus maybe simple channel number entry, and nothing else?  Can the extra keys be programmed so that they don't cause any problems if the are pushed accidentally? 


What she needs to a remote similar to a basic TV remote from 10-15 years ago.  Any advice?  Thanks.

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Re: Simplifying the Uverse remote for elderly - Logitech Harmony

I have been using a Harmony 670 for about 21/2 years and it works well. However, it is not good for changing channels mainly because of the 4 digit channel numbers. I have worked with Logitech support on numerous occasions but I believe it is a line of sight issue. Many times I will use the Uverse remote to change channels. 

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Re: Simplifying the Uverse remote for elderly - Logitech Harmony

Here is a picture of the Flipper.  It works the TV and U-Verse only.  Program in the favorite channels, and the buttons scroll through them.  The set up locks also, and the sliding door covers the unneeded

buttons but they are available if desired.  I got it here:  Flipper Big Button Remote





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Re: Simplifying the Uverse remote for elderly - Logitech Harmony

I recently got a Harmony One.  Initially I was disappointed with how things worked.  It was supposed to replace remotes for Uverse, TV, and AV receiver.  It did the basic job, but I guess I expected more.


Well, since the initial setup I began tweaking the remote setup and am much happier with the results.  The One has room for 6 touchscreen buttons (displayed at once).  I was able to add desired missing UVerse buttons on the touchscreen which addressed some of my complaints.  There was no "back" button for navigating through any on-screen menus, so I added that.  There also was no button for direct access to your recordings, so I added one for that as well.  Then just adding a few favorite channels on the remote and naming them was another plus.   I still need to experiment with some of the IR delay settings so I can hopefully get it to enter all 4 digits more quickly for the favorites.


The One comes with rechargeable batteries, so it addresses the issue of replacing batteries.  It has a nice charging base.  The downside is that battery life is not great.  I don't see going quite a full week between charges, but I have not pushed the limits just yet.  So I am speculating based on seeing the battery level drop to around 25% after 5 or so days.


The Logitech Harmony One could be an acceptable solution as long as there is someone willing to put in the time and effort to deal with fine tuning its operation to suit the user's specific needs.  It probably would fall short if it you just do the basic setup though.

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