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Service interrupted when streaming

Service interrupted when streaming

Hello. I've been experiencing problems throughout the past month or so with my U-verse service. It started when I was streaming a youtube video in high quality. Unexpectedly, my internet service disconnected.


Now, being used to internet issues, I was unworried. I knew it would come back and I would be able to resume browsing. Sure enough, the internet reconnected. I tried streaming the video again, but after about 3 seconds of streaming my service cut out. What was different now was that I had the television on to spend the time waiting for the internet to return: but the television cut out at the precise same time as the internet. Whenever I streamed a high quality video, all internet and television functionality would vanish.


I realized that the streaming of the video in high quality was the source of the issue. After experimentation I determined that either streaming one video in high quality or multiple videos at once would make the internet and television, essentially the full U-verse service, cease to function. This problem has spread to all types of downloads: games which I have bought online and try to download, music, other programs. Downloading anything will instantly disconnect my U-verse service.


This is not okay. It is not a hardware issue, because I can remain connected to the internet for indefinite periods of time (including playing online games) with no issues. I can play computer-intensive multiplayer online games without problems, yet something as simple as a download causes the router/modem to overload? No. Something else is wrong. The only logical conclusion I can come to is that AT&T, in spirit of their lovely new bandwidth caps, have decided I use too much of their bandwidth, and when I try to exceed it by a certain amount, they cut it off.


I can concieve of no other reason for these symptoms. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


For people who don't want to read the whole thing: Streaming/downloading things online causes internet and television service to cut out. My guess is U-verse detects my increased bandwidth and pulls the plug. Thoughts?

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

That shouldn't be happening.  They are talking about implementing bandwith caps, but that hasn't happened yet.  And their plan is to just charge people for overages, not cut them off.


Which HSI speed do you have?  And you're not using the Ethernet port on the back of an STB (for Internet/a computer) when this is happening?

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

I completely agree that this shouldn't be happening. When the U-verse sellers visited my house to market themselves, a representative stated their speeds were measured in megabytes per second instead of the typical megabits. I asked him to clarify and he said there was no mistake; it was measured in megabytes without a doubt. I even convinced him to call his manager so that I could receive direct confirmation that it was megabytes and not megabits. After being told by the representative and his manager that the speed was measured in megabytes, I was convinced to buy the service.


As you probably could guess, this was not the case. It's megabits. Instead of the 6 megabyte speed I had been promised, I received a 6 megabit speed. This is one-eighth of what I was promised.


To answer your second question, this effect applies to all internet-using appliances in the house. That includes a desktop wirelessly connected to the router at&t supplied, a laptop wirelessly connected to the router, and a desktop to which the router is physically connected.

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

The problem has not gone away and I have yet to recieve an answer on this issue.

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

Sorry, this forum has been VERY SLOW and it's difficult for me to get in and read. Smiley Sad


Have you tried downloading UVRT at ?

Post screenshots of these tabs:

Error Table
Coax/HPNA (unless you are all Ethernet)

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

Here are the screenshots as requested.


I greatly appreciate your help, and I hope you excuse my frustration with this issue.

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

You have two separate problems:


• You are very close to the VRAD.  So close in fact, that your 2Wire router is unable to turn down the VDSL line transmission power level far enough.  This is interfering with the upstream internet packets.


A premises technician needs to come out and install an attenuator in your NID box on the side of the house to fix this problem.


• You have two coax cable runs in the house that are not performing to specifications.  A premises technician needs to come out and replace splitters, wallplates, and coax end connectors so that the PHY rate in the Coax/HPNA tab reads 112 for all connections.


Please call 1-800-ATT-2020 to request a technician to come repair the system.


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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

I went through something similar a couple of months ago.  When steaming content to tv via video on demand (Amazon), the tv signal was lost,  Additionally, internet service would be lost to computers.  Unplugging the RG for a reset would provide some level relief, but I was still having intermittant disconnects/inop as I tried to use U verse.  This is after having excellent service for about the first four months.  Two seperate techs came out to address the issue.  An "indoor" tech said an "outdoor" tech would have to fix the problem.  I was at 24Mbps, and he said that I would have to reduce to the 18Mbps level after he did whatever it is that he did outside my house.  His basic explanation was that I was too far from the VRAD box to be at 24Mbps. 


The fix seems to work, but I had reduced speed forced on me down to 18 level when I'd like to be at the 24 level.  One thing continued to bother me:  why did U verse work great for months at the earlier settings?  Why all of a sudden the change.  So, I finally called tech support today to try to get some answers.  She did not mention the distance of my home from the VRAD box, but said that I had added to much HD content to my tv that caused a needed reduction in internet speed.  I looked into my records this evening, and I did not make any changes in HD service around the time of my service problems.  Yes, I had added 3D service a couple of months before the problems.  I also added the 4 or 5 HD channels one can order for a few dollars a month just in the last couple of weeks.  The timing of these additions are seperated by as much as a couple of months from the service problems.  So my question now is:  does this make reasonable sense that I would need to reduce my internet speed given these circumstances especially since I had months of U verse working with no problems?   My distance to the VRAD box is listed at 2200 ft.  Today, the tech also suggested that I call sales and drop the 3D and the few HD channels that I would then be able to increase back to 24Mbps level.  Does this make sense to you folks on here who know a heck of a lot more about this than do I?


Should I just leave it alone, or can 24Mbps be obtained again?  Thanks in advance for any input. 

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

Please download U-Verse Realtime, install it, and post screenshots of the IP/Profile tab, Bitloading tab, Error Table tab, and Coax/HPNA tab.

To post screenshots here in the forum, you will need to upload them to a photo sharing site, like Picasa, Google, Photobucket, ImageShack, etc.

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

Thanks for taking the time and interest in my situation.  All for a little more speed Smiley Happy 

I have attempted to insert the screenshots in this post, but I am not seeing them in the preview.  So, here is a link to the google page where I have saved them in case they do not show:






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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

It looks like there may be a bridge tap on your line. A bridge tap is an extra length of wire attached to your pair that doesn't terminate anywhere. It is usually left over from a previous customer that used your pair. Bridge taps cause problems with xDSL services.

You should call technical support, have them send a premises tech to your house to check the line. He should open a helper ticket with the Installation and Maintenance group (I&M), which are the linesmen, to come find and remove the bridge tap.

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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

Ok, here we go.  For starters, I want to give somejoe a great big thank you for the time and input.  I wanted to give a follow up demonstrating my appreciation by letting you know what happened. 


I went ahead and called tech support to make arrangements based upon your recommendations.  The tech support rep refused to send out support.  We ended up having a long mini-argument (no yelling etc) about my situation.  It was a little difficult to understand her, but she did inform me of something no other reps had told me.  That is, the outdoor tech had moved my connection to another VRAD when they worked on my problems a couple of months ago.  This fixed the service interruption, but it left me with slower speed.  I finally got to speak to her supervisor after little headway with the tech rep.  The supervisor basically said that I could not get 24Mbps due to the distance and likely capacity of the VRAD situation.  Of course one of the main points I argued was regarding what SomeJoe had to say about the bridge tap.  The supervisor insisted, just as the tech rep had, that it was a distance issue.  So I asked that if that was the case, then why had they not fixed my connection at the VRAD where I had 24Mbps before the problems had started there?  The supervisor said that they would get to that.  I asked when?  He said he did not know.  He said it would take time and investment to fix that sort of problem.  I said so what you basically are telling me is that AT&T leaves defective equipment in the field thereby not providing the customers the best services possible.  All of this due to the lack of investment in maintaining the equipment in the field that actually provides the services to the customer.  None of this was refuted.  In his defense, he did say that AT&T would want to fix it as it is in their interest to use it to make money.  


Lastly, it is just a little frustrating that AT&T refuses to send out a tech to at least check out the current system to see about the possibility of a bridge tap limiting my network from getting maximum speeds.  It is also frustrating that AT&T is unwilling to fix the problem at the VRAD that was providing 24Mbps where I first had problems at the time they discovered those problems.  It is a little frustrating that all they will tell me now about a possible solution is that they will fix it at some time in the future as it is a matter of resources and investment i.e. not wanting to spend money on the customers to give them the best possible service that they are paying for, in my opinion. 



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Re: Service interrupted when streaming

Click the tab in my signature below that says AT&T Links, and on that signature panel there is a link that says AT&T Social Media Support Team. This will take you to a page with contact information for David, who is a tier 2 specialist. Follow the directions there to e-mail him, he will get to the bottom of the problem.

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