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Series Recordings missed


Series Recordings missed

Last night was the second time within the last few weeks that my series recording were missed.


The reason:  the "air date" for the shows was listed as "6/28/2010" (except the show does/was/is not airing on 6/28/2010 ... but 6/27/2010 -- there is no airing of the show on 6/28/2010).  This was also the suspected reason why the other series recording failed.


Luckily, I caught this error in time to record "Leverage" on TNT at the 2nd showing they had later that evening, using a single event timer.


The other show that was missed, "Friday Night Lights", was available "On Demand" but I'm not going to pay $1.00 to watch a show on Free TV because U-verse programming/guide/DVR messed up.


With my former satellite service, I never missed a show in the 7 years I had DVR service with them.

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Re: Series Recordings missed

I saw that Leverage was not set to record in my series recordings as well.  I didn't check the air date because I knew these were new episodes.  I set them to record and then went in and setup a new series recording after deleting the old one.  The problem is directly ATTs it is that the company providing the guide for UV is making mistakes on the air dates, as well as on other things.


The only thing I can suggest is to check your recordings daily just to make sure the shows you want to see are recorded.  Thats what I do.

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Re: Series Recordings missed

I have a few series recordings problems too. 


  1. Series set to record only First Run and yet like your Leverage example it refuses to record it.  I can do a single event and it will record. Have missed a few After the Catch episodes
  2. Have see the DVR record a series twice yet Scheduled and other menus show only one show will be recorded.
  3. Program Guide is not as accurate as DirecTV and frequently doesnt have the shows i am looking for (normal network or major cable stations) 10+ days out. 
  4. Missed recording a series episode so i hunt for the next showing and hit Record This Show and get TV Service not Available...Try again later.  Tried hours laters...same error. 

Stupid DVR, may consider going back to DirecTV


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Re: Series Recordings missed

Before you go back to DTV unplug the power cable from yourdvr for 30 seconds.  After it reboots go to your scheduled programs and see if the series recordings have the red dot.  If not, delete the series recordings and set new ones using the same settings as you had before.

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Re: Series Recordings missed

One thing I noticed is that "somebody" is changing the names of shows from time to time.  This really kills series recordings.


My example?  Originally, they called it "Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole".  Now it is "Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman".  Arghhh!  I missed a few -- thought they were taking a break.


Luckily, the Science Channel/Discovery end up repeating so many times, I was able to find the missed shows and have them on the queue to record.

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Re: Series Recordings missed

Cool.  Glad you got a workaround for missing that show.

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