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Samsung TV and Connections to Internet


Samsung TV and Connections to Internet

I have a Samsung LED 5000 series TV.  I have UVerse and Internet from ATT.  I've been trying to set it up to use the web.  After I've entered all the settings everything comes back OK EXCEPT it doesn't pass the Domain Ping.  ??????? My entire network works fine at home 2 Macs, one PC, one raided NAS drive, and two networked printers. Everything works either hard wired or wireless. Even my IPod touch gets on the internet.  Can't figure out the problem with the TV
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Re: Samsung TV and Connections to Internet

This is not an answer to your question but it may keep you from ruining your TV if you're trying to make it connect to the internet for firmware upgrades:


I have a Samsung LN-T2642. No it doesn't connect to the internet for firmware upgrades but I downloaded one of their so-called updates and it bricked my TV. All it would do after the update is flash the red power led. The set wouldn't power up ever again. I had to replace the main board in the TV as the update didn't work. Samsung denied responsibility and the new main board I bought off Ebay was only 85.00. Samsung wanted 250.00 for it and refused to honor any warranty. It was an easy fix, I did it myself. Easier that a PC mainboard replacement. I'm just telling you this so you are aware these firmware flashes can go bad. I followed Samsungs instructions to the letter and still bricked my TV. Pity of the whole thing was that the update was SUPPOSED to fix an earphone jack problem and nothing else. Too bad Samsung isn't smart enough to write flashing software that allows you to go back to the previous revision!


Anyway...this is JUST FWIW...

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Re: Samsung TV and Connections to Internet

I have a LED 7100 and have flash updated twice. Just followed the instructions fed from a netgear router. Was hoping one of the router gurus would answer your question.


Have you tried the Samsung open chat  at


May be your best bet if you have not already solved the problem.


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