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STB Issues on new connection


STB Issues on new connection



Installed new  HDTV this weekend in a room that didn't have a coax drop. We extended one of the coax connections from one of the near by rooms over the attic and dropped it into the new room.


I moved one of my current working STB's to this new tv location. I connected everything correctly, but when I booted up this STB at the new TV, all I got was the Orange AT&T screen. I also didn't get the link light on the STB. Waited for 20 mins and still nothing. Rebooted the STB again and rebooted the main system. This STB works because it was setup at another TV that was working perfect.


Is there something that I am missing? Do we need to have a special AT&T splitter connected to this new coax drop?


Any advise would be helpful.


Thank you,


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Re: STB Issues on new connection

If you want to do your own coax run, you need:


  • RG-6 coax cabling.  RG-59 or other types of cable will not work.
  • You must use compression fittings on the ends of the coax.  Crimp-style or screw-on connectors will not work.
  • Any splitters you use must be 1.5 GHz HPNA-certified splitters.  Any unused splitter ports must have a coax terminator installed.


If you haven't done all of that, the network connection will not come up, and the STB will hang on the orange AT&T screen.


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Re: STB Issues on new connection

Thank you for your quick response SomeJoe7777.


I checked and it is RG-6 and they are using compressed fittings on both ends. The extension is coming from a room that doesn't have a TV,but has a coax connection already. I didn't use a splitter there since there is no tv there. I just connected directly from that room coax to the new room coax outlet.


Would an AT&T tech be able to come out and troubleshoot?



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Re: STB Issues on new connection

Yes, AT&T will come out for you and get it working but will probably charge a $55 truck roll fee.


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