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Router changes what IP address it is forwarding to.

Router changes what IP address it is forwarding to.

I am having a strange problem with my 3800HGV-B Gateway (1 phone line & just internet)

I have a Small Business Server on the network with a static IP address. I am forwarding the needed ports to the server, most of the time I can access the server from the internet with no problems. But sometimes the firewall changes the IP address of the forwarded port to an ip address in the dynamic range of the router.

Of course my server’s ip address has not changed since I installed it in 2005. For some reason the router thinks it needs to change what ip address it forwarding to. Now I do think it has something to do with my Xbox 360. And I did not have this problem with the my old 2wire 2701HG-B.


I have 6 Windows Workstation: XP, Vista & Windows 7. 3 Windows Servers: SBS2003, Server 2000/2008. 1 Xbox 360. 1 XBMC Media center. 1 ipod Touch/iPhone. 2 DirecTV HD receivers, 1 DirecTV HD DVR.

All work fine but what is listed above.

The Router's DHCP is assinging from to 192.168.200 all static IP Address are below 

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Re: Router changes what IP address it is forwarding to.

Are you using some kind of wireless bridge or another router somewhere in your network?


The symptom you describe will occur if the server and some other device are both behind a bridging device or routing device that doesn't preserve MAC addresses across the link.


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Re: Router changes what IP address it is forwarding to.

I am almost positive it was the XBox360 w/Xbox live. After the last firmware upgrade I have not had that problem.

Thanks for your response. 

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Re: Router changes what IP address it is forwarding to.

Hello I dont know if you can help

Im having a lot of issues with my surveillance camera dvr, is connected via a wireless bridge, I can acces my dvr via my local network but only the first time whem im connecting from the internet and i have opened the ports on the router properly could this be due to the bridge? Its a cisco linksys wet610 n can you help ????

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Re: Router changes what IP address it is forwarding to.

Wireless bridging of any type is non-standard because MAC addresses aren't preserved across the link except for a very few bridging devices.


Any network device that presents multiple IP addresses on a single MAC address (which includes almost all wireless bridges) will not work at all with the 2-Wire 3800HGV (or nearly any piece of 2-Wire equipment).  2-Wire equipment works on a 1 IP = 1 MAC assumption.


Remove your wireless bridge and connect the surveillance camera directly with an Ethernet cable, and see if that works properly from a remote location.  If it does, then your firewall is configured properly, and the problem will be the wireless bridge.


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