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Remote control with my Uverse network


Remote control with my Uverse network

I am sure this is more of a networking question... But it relates to UVERSE a little.  I only have the equipment that was provided me by ATT.  Previously, I had a router in a modem -- so I was able to log in to the router and modify settings so that I could remotely control machines within my network "outside the firewall... And inside of course."


On my Uverse network, I have an Ip on my Windows XP box and an IP on my iPAD... Yet I cannot ping my XP box.  Is there something that I need to do?  Log in to the device they provided?


Your help is appreciated.

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Re: Remote control with my Uverse network

Don't know if unchecking this 'block ping' will do it:  (can't use a direct link for this)

Choose Settings>Firewall>Advanced Configuration  You'll need the password on the RG sticker, make sure you Save at the bottom.  If that doesn't do it, reblock pings the same way.  Good luck :smileywink:



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