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Remote code for LG XXLE5400 Series = 1004


Remote code for LG XXLE5400 Series = 1004

If you are looking, the remote code for the LG XXLE5400 series of TV's it is 1004. The manual or the help channel doesn't state it in the code list and I tried the FF until the TV turns off method and the TV would turn off but it wouldn't turn back on again. I even tried continuing to press the FF until the TV turned off/on again...  That didn't work either.  I then began to try the codes in the manual and on the Help channel... They are the same, and none of them worked. I decided to try them again, just to make sure I punched them in correctly, and the first one available is 1005. I punched in 1004, totally by accident, and the remote started controlling the TV. I re-entered 1004 just to verify and sure enough it was 1004.  It may be the same for other newer generation LG TV's as well.  This was the Silver remote, BTW.

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Re: Remote code for LG XXLE5400 Series = 1004

I've also found that 1004 works for the 5350 series as well...  I'm willing to bet that it works for the entire 5000 series.

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Re: Remote code for LG XXLE5400 Series = 1004

Thanks to both of you for the info. I'm sure it will help others if they do a make/model search. Smiley Wink


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