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Remote Zoom button quit working


Remote Zoom button quit working

I'm a fairly new uverse customer and was plesently surprised with the excellent quality of the service.

A few days back when viewing A Movie demand. O noticedd he Zoom button now onl brings up an alternate

languague menu. Is snyone having this problem due to a software upgrade of is it my Remote?

I've already called uversr tech support and they are sending me a new modem, but , being a tech, I am leary

of the diagnosiS. If it's a remote problem , I should know rather quickly after the new remote arrives, but  I'm curious

if anyone else has had this new problem. One thing that made me suspicious is that at the same time the remote zoom

started working differently, my receiver lost all the initial setup that was done when installedand I had to go through and complete

reoption the receiver.  







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Re: Remote Zoom button quit working

thank you i love you

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