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Remote Buttons and Close Captioning Instructions


Remote Buttons and Close Captioning Instructions

The A-B-C buttons on your remote do not have any use at this time.  Also, the close captioning instructions are not written anywhere in the user guide.  I strongly suggest that AT&T include them on the website where customers can easily find them. 

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Re: Remote Buttons and Close Captioning Instructions

Since the OP isn't coming back, and to clarify this statement for future readers--


Not true that NONE of those buttons function; the yellow A (triangle) brings up Ubar (in the beginning, it just brought up YP, shortcut for channel 97).


At this time the other 2 buttons do nothing.


And it's CLOSED CAPTIONING :smileywink:


At this writing, go to Menu > Options > Audio/Language Options > Closed Captioning.

From there, you have choices for Digital and Standard.



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