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Recording "Once Per Day" question

Recording "Once Per Day" question

How does U-Verse decide when to record a series that is set to record "any time, once per day"?  I have noticed that it is not always the first episode each day (and the broadcast that is recorded is the same as the day's first episode).


This could be important if different episodes air at different times of the same day.


-- Don

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Re: Recording "Once Per Day" question

Set your series recording to "First run only".  That will only allow first run broadcasts to be recorded.  I think that was what you were asking about.

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Re: Recording "Once Per Day" question

There is major work to be done on DVR Scheduling.  I often have to resort to scheduling a re-air of a "cable" show as I bump up against too many streams in use.  There needs to be a "one time per week" setting for the DVR.


For instance, my wife watches Millionaire Matchmaker which has the week's "new" / first run shows at 9 PM on Tuesdays.  I have some conflicts, so I decided to move recording of that show to the re-air at 11 PM.  So, when I go to set up scheduling I can no longer use the First Run option at 11 PM, since it is now no longer the first run.  In the web remote and on the DVR there are options for any day / any time" and "any day / once per day."  So if I use any day / any time, it may schedule a bunch of repetitive recordings and if I chose any day / once per day, it may catch all airings at or around 11 PM on any day of the week.  Again, if that show is re-aired at  11 PM on Saturday, it will record that too.  What I want is an option that see's what day and time I am recording (in this case Tuesday at 11 PM) and give me an option of "Once per week Tuesday's at 11PM."  Where the bolded part would be variable based upon the time / day selected.  TXNROGER - Could this be done?

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