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RG errors, what's normal?


RG errors, what's normal?

Hi Folks,

I've had a heck of a time with uverse support.  I've had no less than 18 people out to my house checking things over the last month and a half.  It's narrowed down to crosstalk and noise on the outside line that they are dragging their feet on fixing.   Just as a double check, how many errors are normal for a 24 hour period?  Screenshot of mine below:


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Re: RG errors, what's normal?

Most users would envy stats like this, these from after the recent VDSL2 download to the RG. :smileywink:


 Collected for 5 days 13:22:55

 Since ResetCurrent 24-Hour IntervalCurrent 15-Minute IntervalTime Since Last Event
DSL Link Retrains:1005 days 13:20:15
DSL Training Errors:0000:00:00
DSL Training Timeouts:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Framing Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Signal Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Power Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Margin Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds:0000:00:00
DSL Severely Errored Seconds:0000:00:00
DSL Corrected Blocks:96004 days 4:26:13
DSL Uncorrected Blocks:0000:00:00



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Re: RG errors, what's normal?

Normally you should have no errors except corrected blocks, which really aren't errors.  Lots of corrected blocks (like millions per hour) aren't a problem, but anything else is.  Occasional uncorrected blocks also aren't a big deal, but a bunch together will cause picture problems.  Your stats look good for the last 3+ days, but terrible before that.


A couple of suggestions, if they haven't already tried these:


- switch your line to a different pair between your house and the VRAD

- switch you to a different port in the VRAD

- If you don't have HD, or are willing to put up with only one HD stream, they could try reducing you to the 19 Mbps profile.  That's what finally solved most of my error problems.  I also went through 18 techs (14 premises and 4 I&R), but over a year and a half, not a month and a half.


Good luck!



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