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RG consistently losing signal


RG consistently losing signal

Hi, my RG unit is experiencing consistent losses of signal and

is thus resetting itself causing my TVs to freeze, my Internet

signal to drop, and my phone service to drop.  This problem

primarily occurs in the morning and today was by far the worst

day.  It has dropped 12 times between 6:00am & 11:00am.  The

error codes are both ERR_LOS_LIMIT & ERR_HI_BER_LIMIT.  I had

a similar problem that started last year around this time and

it was determined to be a firmware bug that took three months

to correct.  My U-verse Realtime screenshots are as follows:








Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas?  Should I contact tier 2?  Thank you.

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Re: RG consistently losing signal

The line itself looks fine, but there appears to be two areas where interference is affecting the signal: One around the 800 KHz area, and another at about the 4.6 MHz area.


Obviously there is something wrong, as the number of corrected blocks, uncorrected blocks, and retrains & errored seconds from the Error Table are all not normal.


You should contact tier 2 and have them send a senior tech that can look for and eliminate these sources of interference.  Possible sources include:


  • Power line interference, such as:
  • Fluorescent light ballasts
  • High-intensity gas discharge lights like mercury vapor
  • Grounding problems, such as improper ground at the NID, the pedestal, etc.
  • Electrical system grounding problems, such as improper ground on the RG's outlet, the breaker panel, etc.
  • HAM radio broadcasts in the HF band
  • AM radio transmissions, such as a nearby radio station

Try to isolate any potential source of these problems and see if you can find one that eliminates the interference.


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Re: RG consistently losing signal

Thanks SomeJoe.  The RG sits in my office next to the battery backup and a couple of external hard drives that are attached to my desktop computer.  Have you ever heard of external hard drives causing interference?  I hooked up the second external HD a few weeks ago.  Thanks.

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Re: RG consistently losing signal

Any device could cause problems if it has a bad power supply or something else electrically wrong with it.


Best way to determine is to unplug the device and wait long enough to determine if the problems have gone away.


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