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RG and Airport Extreme (not express as originally posted...)


RG and Airport Extreme (not express as originally posted...)

Hello all:


Just had Uverse installed yesterday and like it very much outside of a few quirks.  One being the high-pitched noise emitted from the DVR box (which I can hear clearly but my wife has to "strain" to hear it) and the other is having to deal with getting my Airport Extreme Base to work with the RG.


From what I understand, I need to set the AE to DMZmode (which was already done when I attempted to "resolve issue" upon initial setup), set my AE into bridge mode, and turn off the wireless signal from the RG.  (Of course, I have an ethernet cable running from the RG to my AE.) Does anyone actually know where there are step-by-step instructions showing what I need to do in which order? (I continuously search for this information, but only find the basics on what needs to be done.)  Also, is the bridge mode enacted through the RG or is it done solely through the AE?  The only thing I can find closest to "bridge mode" is the option to extend an existing network on my AE settings from the Mac.  So far, this hasn't worked and my AE just keeps blinking yellow and the light is not a solid green.


Unfortunately, the tech that came out for the initial install wasn't too helpful when I was trying to do this during the internet setup.  He was already on the phone with a support person at AT&T and both of them were essentially accusing me of being difficult stating I didn't need to have a router behind a router and was making it unnecessarily difficult.  Eventually, I gave up trying to get it to work since the tech just kept staring at me until I would relinquish my request to have the wireless sent through the AE and not the RG.  (He just didn't get the difference between the "N profile" and the "G profile" and it was really frustrating that both AT&T reps didn't even want to attempt to solve the problem for me.)


Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


PS (I just realized part of my problem might be that I keep interchanging Airport Extreme and Airport Express...but any help would still be appreciated.)

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Re: RG and Airport Express

So basically, you have the newer express that supports 802.11n and want to have the express hang off the wired ethernet on the RG, allowing clients to connect via 802.11n?


I think the directions for that should be basically identical to those for an Airport Extreme, which I've tossed together real quick and put here:


There's a screenshot showing where bridge mode is; settings for the express should be the same with your config; get it's ip via dhcp and bridge mode on. 


It does have to be wired to the gateway though; you can't use it to connect wirelessly to the RG network and bridge between that network and it's own N network (no WDS support in the RG).

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Re: RG and Airport Extreme (not express as originally posted...)

Just read your update, you're talking about an Extreme. That's the same setup I have, instructions should be pretty much exactly right then (not counting any typos or mistakes of course. :-)).


Update 4:00 PM Pacific time:

Whoops, just noticed one of my screenshots (the money shot in the case) was broken. It's fixed now. 

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Re: RG and Airport Extreme (not express as originally posted...)

They don't really support any equipment except the RG, so probably why they aren't eager to offer further suggestions.


I use an AP Extreme for my wireless and other tethered computers.


Turn off the RG's WAP (you've already done that).


I am using Bridge Mode on the AP Extreme with no problems (did nothing regarding Bridge or DMZ on the RG).


Are you setup as Create a Wireless Network (AirPort/Wireless/WirelessMode)?

And if you're using *n* you have that set on AP?  (the RG presently doesn't support *n*)


MAC Address Control is NOT Enabled in AP (I let the UV RG handle the MAC addresses, and I added AP as allowed).


I think I read on UU that some people were having problems with the IvP6 Firewall?  Under Advanced, I am using (checked) both selections to Customize the IvP6 Firewall.  IPv6 Mode is set to Tunnel, and configured set to Automatically.  (Your setup might require something different?)

For Logging and SNMP, I only use Alert 1 (Syslog Level).


Internet Connection is set to IPv4 configuration USING DHCP

Connection Sharing is set for OFF/Bridge Mode





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Re: RG and Airport Express

Thank you both for your help.


I do have the AE set in bridge mode (it says Connection Sharing -> Off (Bridge Mode).  So I would assume that means means the connection is not shared, but the AE is in bridge mode?), but the RG firewall does have it set in DMZ.  Should there be a different setting to allow bridge mode to be truly on and a way to leave the DMZ setting turned off for the AE?  Or does the AE just have to beset in DMZ.  Does it even matter in the end?  I would assume the password security still remains (its all in my keychain doing its thing) and the since the routing is still technically done by the RG that it is still acting as a firewall and the AE now is just sending out the signal.  Correct?


Rob.  Thanks for the instructions.  There was one thing that seemed like it was missing that I did, but I forget what it was already.  Sorry.  :smileytongue:


Thanks to both of you for your help.  It was a lot easier than I was making it out to be. 

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Re: RG and Airport Express

I don't use anything in DMZ (might need that if you're a gamer?).


All other computers are hooked into the AP Extreme via Ethernet and I think Keychain is the key...and that's right that the RG is acting as the firewall.  Anything in the house (we have PCs and a MBP) shares the AP Extreme's connection with no problem (wired or wireless).


I used Bonjour to set up printer sharing which is great for my wireless laptop! 

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