Question about hacked email account


Question about hacked email account

I have a Uverse account and of course email accounts which I use.


I have a friend who also has ATT but is having relationship problems, and now is "locked-out" of his email since his "ex" has changed the password to his email which was a sub-account on their shared ATT bill. 


His "ex" now has hacked into his ATT email and changed his passwords and also into his Yahoo!  email and done the same there.  She also is on the bill with ATT (she was able to access his separate Yahoo! email because she has the computer they have been sharing.


I thought maybe ATT could switch his email sub-account over to my account and that way he could continue to use his email, access his old messages, etc.


What is the best way for him to proceed so as to regain access to his ATT email?

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