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Promotions & discounts

As some may recall I'm currently a Uverse internet only sub, having jumped ship to Directv earlier this year, enjoying MLB Net, Tennis Channel etc..and not here to bad mouth Uverse either I just need some input on the lack of offers and special promos offered to subs in my situtation.  I've called support time and again and I never get an offer extended out to me, am going on two years now with some type of uverse service and I'm being cut out of deals because I dont have a bundle?



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Re: Promotions & discounts

Welcome back to the forum!


You may have noticed that U-verse now has the Tennis Channel!


The only internet related offers or promotion that I have seem are ones that pay a $20 rebate or a 6 month discount for upgrading to a higher internet package.


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Re: Promotions & discounts

Yup sounds right to me....and I'm happy that Uverse is finally offering Tennis Channel to all those that wanted it. Hope you all get MLB Net really soon!


Also HBO GO would be a nice addition to both Uverse and DTV!

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