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Programmed Series recording different shows


Programmed Series recording different shows

Some of the series recordings I have programmed are recording other shows.  For example, I don't watch the show House, but an episode of House recorded one Saturday night as a series recording.  When I checked "Series Info", it showed me the settings for Past Life, a different series altogether and one that has now been cancelled by the network.  OK so it's a little weird, but even weirder is that it's happened several times this month with different series.  For some reason it keeps happening on Saturday nights.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?  I'm thinking it must have to do with how a show gets programmed into the guide.  Someone is probably replacing information for a time slot but is forgetting to erase the name of the previous show from somewhere.  Does that sound right?  Though I realize I could cancel my series recordings for the shows that have cancelled, I like to keep them active in case they decide to show the extra episodes that never aired--which has happened several times.

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Re: Programmed Series recording different shows

I have had recordings of shows I didn't program occur a few times in the past 2 1/2 years I have had the service.  I attributed it to a glitch in the software.  But it doesn't happen with any regularity.

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