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Print server and Netgear switch HELP...


Print server and Netgear switch HELP...

ATT service/installer simply left me with a Netgear 8-port switch to connect to 1) A third U-verse TV box 2.) Buffalo USB print server (LVP2) (and network printer) via Ethernet cable he routed into a room adjacent to the gateway (RG?).  Not real sure I am getting the switch to comm with the print server.  Is connecting a USB print server to the 2wire gateway possible?  Do you not simply set up the IP address in the "networking printers" URL and change the settings to a residential gateway to be shared?  Any help is appreciated...  I'd like to be able to print from any computer in the house on my wireless network...   
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Re: Print server and Netgear switch HELP...

I'm not famliar with the particular product, but there's nothing about the RG or the netgear switch that precludes a print server from working.  My HP Laserjet has a built in printserver and it works just fine with a couple of switches between it and the RG.


I did have a problem initially.  My old network used 10.1.x.x addresses and u-verse defaults to 192.168.1.x addresses.  I had to reset the printer in order to get it to update the address to the new numbring scheme.  You may have to configure your print server from scratch for the same reason. 


Here are some instructions for Mac and Windows I found on Amazon.  To see a list of devices on your network, go here:



Anyway when this product arrived I was determined to install it using only my Mac and not resorting to one of my Windows systems because it seemed that most people were having difficulties on the Mac side. The manual section for Mac is completely wrong, so ignore it. Here's what I did: 
1. Unpack, plug in to printer, network and lastly plug in the power. 
2. I have a DHCP server in my network router which for me means devices get assigned IP addresses from a pool starting with 192.168.0.xxx. Go to your router configuration web page and find the address of the print server device. If you don't have a DHCP server the device will be at IP address according to the manual. 
3. Bring up Safari and type in the address, e.g. It will ask you for a username/password. The username is 'root' and the password is empty by default. If you see the printer configuration page then you have confirmed the device is working. You can come back to this page to mess with settings if you know what you are doing. 
4. Go to System Preferences, click on Print & Fax. Click on '+'. I'm running OS X Leopard which shows a window with a toolbar with a Default button on the left. You should see 'P1' in the list of printers. 
5. Ignore the default setting for 'Print Using' and look for the closest match to your printer in the list of Gutenprint drivers. I have a Canon PIXMA iP3500, so I selected 'Canon PIXMA iP3100' 
6. Close the Preferences windows and open TextEdit. Type something in an select File Print... and press Print. You should see the Print Queue window and after a few seconds you should see your document print. 
Piece of cake! On the Windows side of things don't bother installing the supplied software. It just confuses things. Unlike the Mac installation you couldn't do the Windows one without consulting the manual. Sadly, Windows has became a torturous maze of dialog boxes. Ready? On Windows XP do the following: 
1. Go to Control Panel, Printers and Faxes, Add Printer... then click Next 
2. Select Local Printer (don't ask) and uncheck the 'Automatically detect (blah)' option 
3. Select 'Create New Port', then 'Standard TCP/IP Port'. 
4. Next wizard... Type in the IP address from above, and then type over the printer port/name that got unhelpfully filled in for you (remember it is P1 by default) 
5. On the next page select 'Generic Network Card'. Yes, I was shaking my head at this point too. 
6. After clicking OK on the next very big message box, and a brief intermission, select your printer driver. 
7. Print a test page and if all is well you should be up and running. 
Despite the nuttiness of the operating systems this is a great device. I hope the company comes through it's current legal troubles and continues to produce great products like this. 
Good luck!  
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Re: Print server and Netgear switch HELP...

Very cool...  I will download the latest software/drivers for the Buffalo USB print server (LVP2) to see if I can reset the IP address as you suggested.  Thanks again!
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Linksys printe server

Saw this post and decided to write as I am having a similar problem.  Prior to AT&T installing a U-verse system September 14 I had a desktop and wireless laptop computer which were able to print to an Epson CX3810 printer via a Linksys print server.  That Epson printer had a Linksys WPSM54G wireless print server attached to it.  I also was using a Linksys WRT54GS router.  Every thing was fine, I could print to the Epson from the desktop and laptop, the laptop could print to a HP 1315 which was hardwired to a USB port on the desktop.  The HP printer is along side the desktop and the laptop and Epson printer are in another room.


After the AT&T installation the only thing I could connect to was the laptop, not the Epson printer.  I asked the tech who did the installation what was he going to do about that.  He tried a few things, made some phone calls, but in the end he left without resolving this problem.  He told me to call him or his supervior if AT&T U-verse help line could not resolve the problem.  Neither he nor his supervior have returned any on my phone calls, a great techique to show customers what you service is like.


I have called two AT&T numbers for help.  One guy ended up resetting the password in my 2WIRE box and my laptop connectivity went away.  Fortunately the next day I was able to talk to some lady who seem to be pretty smart and she walked me through the process of resetting the 2WIRE box and I had laptop connectivity back.  Unfortunately she could not fix the printer problem.


Anyone have an ideas how this problem can be resolved?  Or should I just say goodbye to AT&T and have Comcast come back and set me up again, which I am thinking of doing.


In trying to resolve this problem I had two AT&T people tell me the same thing, "Our personnel are not trained to install third party device and therefore can not be of help."  To me that says, "Your screwed and quit bothering us."


Any help or suggestions you can provide would be appreciated.




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Re: Linksys printe server

This post from Computer Joe will explain how to hook up the Linksys router again and hook everything

else up again, as using the RG to network all that doesn't usually work:




DMZ for the RG:


You'll need the password on the RG sticker, good luck. :smileywink:



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