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Picture is freezing and pixelated


Picture is freezing and pixelated

If Uverse customer service was open tonight I would have already canceled my service.  I have at least 10 calls to tech support and a guy was out at my house 2 weeks ago.  Sometimes my TV is fine, other times I freezes every 2 seconds and is completely unwatchable.  I have reset the RG and I have the right splitter (1500).  Teh tech guy that came out to my house replaced a coax connector that he said was the wrong type.  He was certain that would fix everything.  It did for 5 days.  


Also occasionally it just stops finding any shows to record.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If I can't figure this out by Monday I am canceling.  I just can't take this frustration any more.

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Re: Picture is freezing and pixelated

Can you please go to and post screen shots of the IP/Profile, Bitloading, and Coax/HPNA tabs?  Once you do that and the images are approved, I will be able to get an idea about what's going on in your setup.

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