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Picture but not Audio loss


Picture but not Audio loss



I'm a new u-verse customer. I'm having a problem where every now and again I lose the picture but not the audio. This happens during live and recorded television. My screen is a Benq projector. I've checked all the connections and they seem to be tight, I was wondering whether anyone had experienced this and what the solution was.


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Re: Picture but not Audio loss

Is it possible your projector bulb is going out.  I have not heard of audio but no video unless connectors came loose.  How is your stb connected to the projector?

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Re: Picture but not Audio loss

I am having the same problem with my DVR. This has happened 4 times in the last week. The other TV's and the internet are working fine. I spoke to tech support and they were no help. They keep telling me that I need to reboot the DVR. So to humor them I did the reboot againt. Now they are telling me I did not do the reboot correctly. There is only one way to do it that I am aware of. I did a self test that is on the web site and it came back with the result "has no picture but does have audio". I was also given a report number. I called support again and tried to explain to the person what was happening and to give him the report number. He heard me but did not listen. All he kept saying is that the DVR needs to be rebooted. He said that he did not need the report number as it didn't mean anything to him (maybe because he was not in the US and did not know what it is).  

I have an appointment with a premise tech this week so he can tell me what my problem is. 


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Re: Picture but not Audio loss

Let us know what happens.

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