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Phase 2 complete?


Phase 2 complete?

I recently ordered Uverse, but canceled when I learned you could not pause or record live TV from any STB besides the main DVR. That was a deal killer for me, and these forums taught me that that functionality will be available in "Phase 2 or 3" of the THDVR.  My parents were going to get it as well, but did not when I told them about this lack of features we have grown accustomed to with DirecTV.


However, my parents just went to an AT&T store and ordered Uverse because the sales person told them Phase 2 was complete and they COULD record and pause live TV from any STB in the house.


I have found no thread anywhere to confirm this and I think they were told false information from a greedy sales person.  Can anyone confirm if this functionality now exists?  Thanks!

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Re: Phase 2 complete?

It's the fact that Phase 2 is an easy step that should not have even been a Phase to begin with.


Getting the other boxes to view shared recordings is a big step...

Getting the other boxes to pause/RW/FF live TV is an even bigger step...


Getting the DVR to accept a button push from the other boxes when the programming is...


1. Already set up to accept commands from the remote boxes

2. Already set up to accept remote programming requests via the internet


This means only one thing to me... that AT&T is purposely delaying turning on a feature that is already there for some other reason which is "not" technical in nature!


Phase 2 is already done... why not turn this on AT&T? The only reason I can think of (and yes it's a bit far fetched) is that AT&T feels that by allowing us to more easily set recordings that we will stop paying extra for VOD.


As I have said before in other posts.... until VOD is in 100% HD it is a useless feature for me. I did not spend big bucks on new HD TV's in the house, then pay extra to AT&T for multiple boxes, HD access and all the movies channels just so I can watch downgraded SD versions of the HD movies I have already paid for. If Phase 2 was at least turned on then I could record the HD versions I want (and fill up the small hard drive but that is another issue LOL) but alas AT&T will not turn on Phase 2 because it wants to protect their shareholders?


So why do they not turn on Phase 2 now? Why did they not turn on Phase 2 months ago?


A shiny nickel for the best answer :smileyhappy:

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Re: Phase 2 complete?

I'm hoping the extra $2/Mo/STB ATT is charging beginning in Feburary is somehow tied to the Phase II rollout.
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Re: Phase 2 complete?

Simple you say...well it should be!  They had Cable, DirecTV, DishNetwork, and even Verizon leading the way.  All they had to do was look at those features and copy them. A little more time in R&D and most of the complaints would not be here.  Look...I'm fairly satisfied.  There are some bugs and some features lacking, but all in all it does what it has to.  I'm just saying that it could have been so much more complete from day one.
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