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PS3 doesn't work on ATT Uverse. Don't buy one.

PS3 doesn't work on ATT Uverse. Don't buy one.

I have cancer, and my church was kind enough to get me a PS3 for my birthday.


Unboxed today, plugged in this morning, and thanks to Uverse, I've been staring at a 0% status bar.


Thanks ATT for some aparently horrible firmware.


I have a 6 megabit Fiber connection. 2Wire modem/router combo (model# 3800HGV-B.)


(Main Issue: I'm trying to connect to Playstation Network in order to update my software.)


The PS3 gives me the error code: 80710723. After extensive research, it appears that it's a Uverse problem, specifically having to do with port forwarding.


I done the following with no luck.



  1. Turn off the Media Server.
  2. Put PS3 in DMZ+ mode.
  3. Add the following ports as exceptions in the "firewall/etc." tab: TCP: 80,443,5223 and UDP: 3478,3479,3658.
  4. Updating through safe mode (not a comprehensive solution anyways.)
  5. Every combination of wired/wireless connections.
  6. Every combination of restarting router/modems and devices.
I have Uverse cable, a laptop, and that's IT! The ps3 has a wired connection too. The internet works on the ps3 but the playstation network which apparently uses its own ports, doesn't work.
If i'm unable to use this device, i'm sending ATT the invoice.
Someone please help.


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Re: PS3 doesn't work on ATT Uverse. Don't buy one.

That's really strange. I got a PS3 for Christmas hooked it up on cat5 from a switch connected to the back of my STB. Went to setup and just told the PS3 it was on a wire. Didn't have to enter any other info and I get everything, updated to V3.56 the other day and play games online with no problems. Really strange...

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Re: PS3 doesn't work on ATT Uverse. Don't buy one.

Same here. I just subscribed to att uverse as well this february.


Here is what I see:

Netflix = fine

Amazon music downloads = fail

itunes podcasts = fail


With my PS3 its very specific. PS network and store runs fine. Its when I try to update the PS3, download ANYTHING off the PS network, or try to update a videogame it fails. It just hangs there. 


I tried downloading a 20MB file on 3Mbs and got a 2 hour wait time ... 2 HOURS. THen it tanked out. 


Downloading a 1 megabyte file (amazon download manager) estimated 30 minutes before it timed out. 


COntacting support is a crapshoot. They all deny a problem. and the ones that do see a issue all are related suspiciously to the 2Wire routers. Finally one guy in St. Louis said there was a known engineer issue with downloading but refused to open a ticket or even give me a status. They know about it but will not help. 

So its not just PS3. There are downloading issues all over (netflix I hear too). Its a core internal issue.


I have about 10 days before I can cancel without being fined for my year contract. If its not fixed I am going back to 1.5Mbs dsl extreme.


Sad. Not being able to update my PS3 games or download (1 gig sometimes) games/demos is unnacceptable! My lifeblood.

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Re: PS3 doesn't work on ATT Uverse. Don't buy one.

Interesting. Every function on my PS3 worked when I first got Uverse almost 2 years ago. Then again I don't use the RG as my router.

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Re: PS3 doesn't work on ATT Uverse. Don't buy one.

Everything started working last night. Everything that failed worked ... 

WHatever was the problem is now fixed.


Should I even bother complaining about my 19.99 deal actually being $25 because of those pesky side fees Smiley Wink


Hope everyone elses PS3 issues are okay now.

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