PS3 and Xbox 360 Help


PS3 and Xbox 360 Help

I have dsl fiberoptic hooked up and no router, just the 2 wire modem. It had been working fine until my house lost power in a bad storm. Now everytime i wanna play ps3 or xbox i have to unplug the modem and wait for it to reboot. then im good for about 30 minutes then i keep getting messages while in game about connection interrupted. Then theres no wireless signal to which ever gaming system im playing. the xbox and ps3 are both set up wirelessly. i called att a few weeks ago and they said its problems with the ps3 or xbox. not sure if theres some kind of setting on my pc that i need to change for them to play wirelessly without having problems. can anyone help me?

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Re: PS3 and Xbox 360 Help

If the problem is occurring in the same way with both of your game consoles then my first thought is the RG is bad.  Maybe some type of voltage spike during the storm.  Call TS again and ask for a Tier 2 technican.

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