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Only had U-Verse 2 months and many problems


Only had U-Verse 2 months and many problems

I signed up for U-verse in January 2011 an Im starting to regret it. I had Directv for 10 years and never a problem. I had to get a new cell phone an the salesman talked me into getting U-Verse an the phone would be free. Well I got the U-200 package an 3 receivers with high speed internet and phone. Twice now the U-200 has magicaly turned into U-100. The first time I called an was told that the tech that came to the house put 4 receivers on the ticket, it was changed to 3 but the only way to do that was to downgrade to U-100 an someone forgot to change it back. But the customer service person said we should have U-200 and didnt know what was happening. It took almost an hour and a half on the phone to fix. It was fixed by making it look like an upgrade. A few days later, my husband started getting calls from AT&T collections on his cell phone (a second line in my name) stating he owed. HIS NAME ISNT EVEN ON THE ACCOUNT AND MY PHONE IS THE PRIMARY! He told them it must be a mistake, then later that day his phone was shut off, BUT NOT MINE! Now again today the U-200 has reverted to U-100. No Fave chanels, no DVR, and no customer service at this time. Ever since I signed up I have had nothing but problems that I do not need. Looking back I didnt need the phone that bad. Another thing that upsets me is that the salesman said it would be combined billing, what he didnt tell me was it didnt include the wireless phones. Now I pay more for cruddy service. Im calling AT&T during "regular business hours" tomorrow and if I dont get help and fast I know DirecTV will be here the day after that.

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Re: Only had U-Verse 2 months and many problems

Try contacting David here; he is an ATT employee assigned to help in situations such as yours.


Just follow the instructions in the link I posted.

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Re: Only had U-Verse 2 months and many problems

Spoke to customer rep. yesterday. This time he insisted that we had U-100, I argued that he needs to look deeper as we pay for 200. After 20 mins waiting he came back an said he found the last conversation notes and didnt know what was going on. He had me do all the holding buttons, unpluging, ect. but once again nothing worked. This rep said he could nothing and a tech would have to come as now it seems we do not a a DVR... Wait a minute, how could I record before then if I didnt? He said I shouldnt have been able to as we didnt have a DVR. Oh yes we do, or should I say did? AT&T has had a few years to get this right and is failing badly. I did a search on this and it seems Im not the only one who has had the same problems. So now I have to take a day off work an wait for this tech to come on Tuesday for friggin TV. I already used my entire lunchtime up just doing this. Oh, and while I was on hold a automated voice came on the line an said my account was past due. As soon as the rep came back on I asked him about that an he said that it was not and didnt know why I was told that.

Thank you spd2demun but I didnt get any of the case numbers, Im in such a state about this that I didnt think to write them down.

2 months! I have had this service for 2 months an am ready to unplug all of it and dump it off at the wireless store where that salesman convinced me I needed this!

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Re: Only had U-Verse 2 months and many problems

You can still contact David and give him whatever info you have; and reference your post here.  He will get results that regular CS cannot.


TROUBLES w/UVerse or install problems

Please note- Please be sure you call the 1-800-ATT-2020 number first and engage them. I have to give them the opportunity or opportunities to fail before we can jump in!! PLEASE DO THIS! you help in making your case stronger as well as mine when we refer it. Anyone who has not done this might be set to be contacted by a regular Tier 1 agent just so I can give them the opportunity to fail. We have to give them that opportunity to fail no ifs, ands or buts!

Via email send the following to this address: or


In the subject line put the following: [Trouble]

When you send the email, be sure to include as much of the following information:

  1. Account Number
  2. Link to your uverse topic
  3. Notes on the attempt to contact the 1-800-288-2020 please include case numbers!
  4. posting ID or username
  5. Address or location
  6. Who the tech or support person would be contacting
  7. Main contact number
  8. Alternate contact number
  9. A detailed description of the problem.
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