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Old 2Wire Modem/Router upgrade..


Old 2Wire Modem/Router upgrade..

Been an AT&T U-verse customer for over 5+ years. Today I called support to get an upgrated modem. Since old modem is only b/g wirless. I wanted something with N wirless. I got denied. Support said that if my equments is not broken they can't replace.


Today I am considering canceling both of my U-verse services. Internet and TV. I have a 5+ year old 2wire model, which should be replace. After all the $$$ i have spend with them, they just don't care.


I rather cancel and go with another provider with newer equements.



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Re: Old 2Wire Modem/Router upgrade..

Although AT&T has introduced newer residential gateways than what you already have, none of them implement wireless N.  All are still wireless G.


If you would like wireless N capability, you will need to purchase and use your own wireless router.


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Re: Old 2Wire Modem/Router upgrade..

Thanks! Would have been nice if  support actually mention that there were no N router when I ask. Instead of telling me that my equipment is working we can't replace. Then I wouldn't have been so disappointed.

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