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New customer - ESPN HD freezing


New customer - ESPN HD freezing

First night I had U-verse the cable froze 10 minutes into the Miami - Pitt game.  Called tech support and ended up having to do a DR.  Watched Sunday Night Football with no problem last night.  Tonight I'm watched 30 mins of Antiques Roadshow with no issues, but its frozen 3 times so far, 8:38 left to go in the 2nd Q of MNF on ESPN HD.  Soft reset has fixed it all 3 times.  If this is the way U-verse service is, I'm going to try Comcast.  This is ridiculious.


Any suggestions?

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Re: New customer - ESPN HD freezing

I have been having the same problems with ESPN for the past few days as well. When I switch to another channel and the switch back to ESPN, the screen remains dark for 20 seconds and then comes back on after stuttering. Will be interested in knowing if anyone else has the same issues.
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Re: New customer - ESPN HD freezing

Welcome to U-verse.  Download SomeJoe's tool in the link below and post screenshots of the "IP/Profile" , "Bitloading", "Coax/HPNA" pages here so that we can take a look at them and advise you.

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Re: New customer - ESPN HD freezing

Froze again.  4 times before the half.  I can't switch channels after it's frozen and I've let it sit for a few minutes - doesn't come back.


EDIT: added screenshot of realtime



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