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New Install!


New Install!

The gods have finally smiled upon me and granted me my wish.  As of yesterday I was able to ditch my old Dish TV / 3.0mb dsl for U-verse TV / 18Mb Internet.  I was a bit skeptical about it working because we are just over 5000 feet from the VRAD.  Realtime only shows us 3400 feet though and the installer said that was due to the gauge of the copper wire used on my street.  However, the installation went without a hitch and both lines synced up at 12.5Mb each with no problem.  Personally I think Dish had slightly better HD quality TV, but my dad thinks the U-verse HD looks better.  Either way I'm happy with the quality of TV and the internet is light years ahead of my old 3.0 service.


I do have one question though.  I downloaded Realtime and upon checking out the Interfaces screen it shows that I've downloaded over 17 gigs of data in just over six hours (it's gone up nearly .7 gig in just the time it took me to type this post).  I'm not watching any movies or downloading anything or torrenting, etc...  Am I reading the screen wrong or is something actually downloading that much data?



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Re: New Install!

Hmm now that I'm looking at it, it seems that the Internet / VDSL line statistic is also showing data use from the televisions...

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Re: New Install!

That is correct -- the VDSL data totals statistics shows all data traversing the VDSL line without regard as to which service the traffic belongs to -- IPTV, Internet, or VOIP.


As far as the much-talked about usage cap is concerned, only that portion of the traffic that is Internet will count towards the usage cap.  IPTV and VOIP do not count against it.


In all likelihood, you currently do not have a cap in place right now.  AT&T has stated that if your AT&T-supplied usage meter is not active, then you are not yet subject to the usage cap.


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