New 3801HGV Firmware Version - v6.3.7.25


New 3801HGV Firmware Version - v6.3.7.25

According to my U-Verse Realtime line stats, the 3801HGV routers that are currently out in the field may be in the process of getting a firmware update.


The previous version of 3801HGV firmware,, looks like it is being updated to, which matches the newest firmware available in the iNIDs.


I have been seeing this trend for the last 2 weeks or so.  I have a new page on the U-Verse Realtime web site that shows the current status of firmware versions that are in the field, it is available here.


One thing I cannot tell from the line stats is how many of these entries are new 3801HGVs that have just been installed, and how many were older ones with that are being updated.  So I can't say for sure that AT&T is pushing new firmware to the older units, but there are definitely increasing numbers of firmware in the field.


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Re: New 3801HGV Firmware Version - v6.3.7.25 is currently undergoing field testing on live accounts.  I think that is what you are seeing.  My iNID was upgraded as part of the test about a week ago. 

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