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Need to extend my wireless signal


Need to extend my wireless signal

I have an old house with solid wood walls. My UVerse wireless router is in the back of the house. I recently got a wi-fi iPad. When I'm in the front of the house (living room), I get a weak wireless signal. I have a network drop in the living room and a 4 port switch hooked in. From this I run my TV and Wii (for Netfilx). Someone suggested I hook in a wireless access point?  I don't want another network, I just want to extend the one I already have. Can this be done? I assume this would work for any wireless device? We already have 2 iPhones. Generally not an issue because they are also 3G and if the signal is too weak it switches over. But my son doesn't have a large data plan, so I want to make sure his phone doesn't start downloading a movie using 3G.


Hope someone can help.




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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal


dgoddard1 wrote:

Connect your Mac directly to the TrendNet's Ethernet port. Then connect an Ethernet cable from the LAN port on your router to the LAN port on the TrendNet. Then open your browser and enter the TrendNet's IP Address of, log in and configure away.



I'm sorry, this is confusing. The TrendNet only has one ethernet port. If I connect my mac directly to it, how do I also connect a cable from the TrendNet to my router? Are you saying for the setup only, connect Mac -> TrendNet, then after that is done, hook it into my network?


My set up is:  RG wired to my living room (to the TV). There I have a switch. From the switch, I connect to the TV, and Wii. I was planning to hook in the TrendNet to that switch. I would expect to be able to see it on the network, but I guess it doesn't work that way.


Thanks, and sorry for all the questions.



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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

Sorry, I was just quoting the manual. Does it have one ethernet port and one LAN port, or just one port? The manual indicated one of each. The LAN market port would also be ethernet, although just for connecting to your router.

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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

OK, just looked at a picture of the back - only one port. 

Try connecting directly to Mac for the configuration, then connect to your router for use.

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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal


dgoddard1 wrote:

OK, just looked at a picture of the back - only one port. 

Try connecting directly to Mac for the configuration, then connect to your router for use.

I'll give that a try. Thanks.


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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

How has it worked out?  I'm thinking of doing the same thing, and really hope this does the trick.

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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

Well, things are not working out very well...


I got tthe TRENDTnet TEW-637AP as someone suggested. Good price on Amazon $39. Opened up the box and found an installation CD that only works on Windows. I have Macs. I contacted TRENDnet and they gave me a step by step to use with my Mac which made me a bit nervous to perform. It wasn't as easy as opening a web browser (like on routers) so I got my old PC out of the attic and set it up so I could configure this thing. I followed an other users suggestions but the settings on the 637 were a little different. I set:


SSID to the same network name I use on my RG

Channel - there was no place to enter a channel number in the setup program

Auth Type - in the settup they called this Security Mode. I set it to WAP-PSK

Password - in the settup (I think) this was called "PreShared Key". I set it to the same password I use to log into the RG

IP - The manufacturer said to use, but that IP was already used, so I used


All ended well with the setup. Setup Complete!


I then unplugged it from the back room (where the RG lives, and the PC was setup). I moved it to the living room, were I get horrible wi-fi access. I tried the speed test on the iPad. I was getting terrible speeds. Eventually the iPad showed I was not on the network. Tried to connect to the wi-fi and I couldn't. I then walked back to the RG (in the back room) and connected right away. Ran a speed test and I was getting 14Mbs down/1.26Mbs up. Not bad.


I decided to unplug the thing.


Anyone have any ideas? I'm going on vacation tomorrow for a week, so I will have to wait until I get back to contact TRENDnet. Maybe they can assist. I was hoping this would just work. Maybe I need to spend more money to get something that is easier to setup. Maybe an Apple Airport Express? Unfortunately they cost around $100. I figure it would be easier to configure using my Macs.


There you go.. I have a nice TEW-637AP I can sell you.


UPDATE: I forgot to mention, after I set it up, I tried to browse to the IP address I set and it never accessed the access point. Not sure why. I has hoping to find a way to set the channel number.



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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

Ya we will help you get it running.  We don't need the software CD, we can do it all from a web browser from the Mac.  There's just a few extra steps, but no biggie.


When you're back from vacation, post back & we'll go through it step-by-step.


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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

Great, thank you!


I'm here until Tuesday morning, so I could work on it tomorrow or Monday if you have the time.


The following is what the TRENDnet support guy posted:


Connect the TEW-638 access points directly to your computer with the Ethernet cable. Once the access point is connected directly to your computer, reset the access point to factory defaults.

-Disconnect the power supply
-Press and hold in the reset button.
-While holding in the reset button reconnect the power supply
-Continue to hold in the reset button for approximately 15 seconds.

After the unit is reset, Change the IP address of your computer to

1. Go to the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences.

2. Click on "Network" in the System Preferences panel.

3. Under "Show:", select the network interface that you want the IP/MAC address for. Generally, this will either be Built-In Ethernet or Airport.

4. To find the IP address, click on the TCP/IP tab.

Enter your IP address into the box marked "IP Address," "Subnet Mask" and click ok then click close.

Open your internet browser and type in the IP default IP address of the access point Once you do this you should be challenged with a user name and password log in. The user name is admin and the password is admin. Once you are logged into your access point you will be able to configure the access points network settings.

Click on Network and select static IP. For the IP address, the IP address of your access point needs to be set to the same IP Subnet as your routers LAN IP address. For example, if your routers LAN IP address is Then the access points IP address needs to be 192.168.1.x the X is any number that is not already being used on the network.

Once you have the network IP address of the access point changed, you will need to change your computers IP address back to its original configuration using the steps above. After you have your computers IP address changed to the original configuration. You can now connect your access point to your network. The access point should now be accessible by the IP address that you have specified in the previous steps for further configuration.


I am confuesed about several things they told me:


1. The tell me to connect the access point to my computer (via ethernet cable). Then they say reset it by disconnecting power, etd. Why do I do that while it is connected to my Mac? Can't I just reset it before I hook into it?


2. After the AP is reset, then I change the IP of the Mac? Hu? Why do I have to set it to is the 3rd number (10) required? Normally my mac is set to 192.168.1.x.


3. So after I'm done, I guess I set my IP back?  I currently use a dedicate IP set to Using DHCP with manual address (  It shows the Router ip and DNS server. Will that get reset when I change the IP for this config?


I guess that's it...


I'll wait to hear back.




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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

OK good, those directions are basically correct, and indeed that's how you're going to do it.


1. You probably can reset the TrendNet before hooking it up to your Mac, but in case the TrendNet needs an Ethernet connection to be up during the reset for some reason, I would recommend you go ahead and hook it up to the Mac before doing the factory reset.  Use a regular Ethernet cable, go from your Mac to one of the TrendNet's LAN ports.


2. After the factory reset, the TrendNet is going to set itself to a static IP address of  We need to go in and change that to a 192.168.1.x address so it can be on your LAN.  But, the only way for us to communicate with it to do this is to use a computer that is in the 192.168.10.x subnet.  So what we're going to do is temporarily change your Mac's IP address so that we can communicate with the factory-reset TrendNet.  Once we change the TrendNet's IP address, we're then going to reset your Mac's IP address back to what it was.


3. Yes, write down your current IP address settings so that you can change them back after we change the TrendNet's IP.


So, summary:


1. Connect TrendNet directly to Mac (Mac Ethernet port to TrendNet LAN port).

2. Factory reset TrendNet.  (It sets itself to IP

3. Set your Mac's IP address to, subnet mask  Don't need to set gateway or DNS.

4. Open web browser, go to

5. Go to TrendNet's menus, go to menu where LAN IP address can be changed.  Set IP to static, (as you wanted to do earlier), subnet mask, gateway (which is the RG IP address), DNS (also RG IP address).

6. When you click submit on that page, the TrendNet will do one of 2 things.  1. It will say it's going to reboot.  If it does, it will reboot but you won't see that because it will now be on a different IP.  2. It might just apply the new IP address immediately.  If this is the case, you'll see an error in your browser saying it can't connect (which is expected since the TrendNet's IP changed).  In either case, this is normal and expected.

7. Now change your Mac's IP address settings back to the way you had it before ( + any other options you wrote down).

8. Open web browser again, go to  This should bring up the TrendNet again.  If it does, we're good!

9. Disconnect TrendNet from Mac, move TrendNet to the location where you want it, plug it back into the network on Ethernet, with the Ethernet cable plugged into one of the LAN ports.

10. Reconnect Mac to the network, verify you can access the Internet.

11. Bring up  This should be the TrendNet, operating in the permanent location.

12. Now configure the TrendNet's wireless as you like (probably to match the same settings as the RG).



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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

Tried it, an it didn't work...


I followed the instructions by connecting the AP, pressing and holding the reset, applied power, continued to hold reset button for over 15 seconds. My network settings showed "disconnected". I set the ip on the mac to and it showed that I was connected now. Using Firefox, I tried to browse to and no luck. Tried again, can not see the AP from my browser.


Unplugged from mac and reset my ip, I'm back on line now.


Any other ideas?




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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

You may have to play with the factory reset a little bit to get it to reset.


Try the following methods:


1. Power the device on.  Once it's on and powered up, just briefly press the reset button.

2. Power the device on.  Once it's on and powered up, press and hold down the reset button for 5 seconds.

3. Power the device on.  Once it's on and powered up, press and hold down the reset button until it reboots.

4. Power the device on while holding down the reset button for 5 seconds.



Try them multiple times, and then once you're done, try connecting again to


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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

I will try your suggestions. What is kind of weird is, I set up my PC and tried using the setup CD. I set the IP address to and when I was done I could not connect to that IP address. The PC setup program was able to find the device and configure it.


Also, there is a button on the other side of the device called WPS button. What is that for?


Also, there are several LED on the device. They are labeled "LED status indicators" on the box. I wish I know what they represented. Like you are suggesting, rebooting. I am pushing the reset button (which is really just a little hole that when I stick something into it it appears to be making a slight click sound, there is no real "button".




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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

Well, I tried the 4 suggestions and nothing...


I hooked it up to my mac, changed my ip address to, and tried to hit and nothing. Tried both Firefox and Safari, no luck. At this point I don't know what to do. I wish I knew what the LEDs on that unit mean.


There are 5 LEDS. From top to bottom, 1 never lights up, 2 lights up after I reset, 3 doesn't light up, 4 appears to be a connected indicator (lights up when I connect it to my mac), and 5 is the power indicator.


I really don't know what else to try. It doesn't appear to be resetting. I even tried holding the reset and powering it up and continueing to hold it for about 30 seconds. After about 5 seconds the 2nd LED came up.


Any more suggestions? I really appreciate you taking the time here. Maybe another brand of access point?


Oh yeah, and there is only one LAN port on the device. The one I have is TEW-637AP 2.03. Looks like a nice unit, just wish I could get it to work!


UPDATE: Just found what the LEDs mean. from bottom to top (Power, LAN, WPS and Wireless). I guess the last one does nothing. The one that is lit after resetting isthe Wirelesss LED.




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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

Try running the PC setup program again if you can get the PC back out.  Connect it the same way (direct connect to the unit).  See if you can change the IP there again to


If you can't seem to do it, who knows, the unit might be bad.  At that point it might be a good plan to contact the place where you bought it and exchange it for another one.


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Re: Need to extend my wireless signal

I posted awhile back in this thread that I also wanted to extend my wireless footprint.  I went ahead and ordered the trendnet from  My setup went flawlessly and was completed in about ten minutes.  You definitely need to return your unit for another one.  I used my pc laptop for installation, so your pc should work as well.  The installation disk did all the work, I just plugged in the values as requested.  Somejoe's step by step also made it very doable.  Good luck whatever you decide.  


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