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Need Help with XBOX Installation


Need Help with XBOX Installation


AT&T, I am posting, as I am at my end.  On April 2, I placed an order for the installation of AT&T U-Verse services on 3 XBox's.  The order was placed and no problems or issues were provided to me before the installation date of April 19.


On April 19, the technician called to say he was coming and I said great.  I asked him to confirm that he had the 3 XBOX kits.  The technician communicated to me that the XBOX service only worked on 1 TV. 


The problem here is I went out and invested nearly 1,000 on 3 XBox for the service, confirmed my order, waited patiently for nearly 3 weeks, and then at installation received this news.  In follow-up, I received differing answers from AT&T.  At the end of the day, I received word from AT&T's Tier 2 support that the XBOX installation could in fact be installed on multiple machines.


So, the next step is getting the AT&T service ordered again for the additional 2 XBox installations.  Well, AT&T's system wouldn't allow the order and the order was hung in the system.  This was to be escalated, but as of May 9 - this was not resolved.  So 2 issues here, 1) it is not resolved so I can replace the order and 2) it is always on me to call AT&T for resolution or follow-up.  The response from AT&T is the escalation is in process, please call back tomorrow.  I do not understand why someone will not take my case and guide it to resolution.


Yesterday, I spoke to another person in Tier 2 support.  I was very clear with my needs (haven't changed since April 2).  The result I received was that I had an AT&T rep at my house last night without the appropriate equiptment and he wanted to charge me $165 for a repair visit.


If anyone has a suggestion from AT&T who can resolve this issue - please do reply.  Thus far, I get just get multiple parties and departments with no resolution.  Once again, I am at my end here and getting very close to just accepting my losses and moving on.






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Re: Need Help with XBOX Installation

Click the tab in my signature below that says AT&T Links, and on that signature panel there is a link that says AT&T Social Media Support Team. This will take you to a page with contact information for David, who is a tier 2 specialist. Follow the directions there to e-mail him, he will get to the bottom of the problem.

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