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Need Help- Is my DVR Toast?


Need Help- Is my DVR Toast?

Yesterday afternoon the tv service froze on our main STB with the DVR. TV was still working on other non DVR boxes. Earlier this morning was able to get television service at the main STB after doing a disaster recovery reset. I expected the recordings to be erased (this is our fourth DVR since March '10) but shortly after service was restored the red light on the STB that indicates when the DVR is recording is now constantly blinking. Also, even though all the recordings were erased, my scheduled recordings will not record and the message pops up "need to erase programming... no space to record programming, or something to that effect".


If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Need Help- Is my DVR Toast?

Call ts using the number in my sig.  Let them know what happened, and request a tech be sent out.  They will probably replace your dvr again.  There are some refurbed DVRs out there, and you could have gotten another bad one.

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