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My Uverse So far


My Uverse So far

It's Now mid May 6 billing cycles under my belt. Yeah I've Had alot of issues most of it expected with new service.What's gone Wrong and What's going right.


The gone Wrong is Unexpected issues with Vrad Hardware issues Bad Port Old wiring and a pesky Squirrel Messin with Uverse.


What's gone right I think the Uverse tv is sharper Quality TV signal on Standard tv I've ever seen As for HD I've seen 1 or 2 channels My mom doesn't see the difference.


I'm a online Junkie with 6mbps Elite connection I think AT&T can do a better job with there network end. What I mean is I live in Mid Michigan and even the top internet Monitoring sites say there's local issues. I mean the fattest pipes are owned by the 2 local cable tv prividers. I think if AT&T tweaked andapplied a few tricks to the network it be better even at 6mbps.


Uverse Phone Uvoice: It works as long as you get away from old home wiring.


I've had what I might call no real issues with Uverse service and Uverse Support Phone or techs would bend over backwards to make me the customer happy.


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