My Stats would Pair Bonding Help?


My Stats would Pair Bonding Help?

Hello everyone.  Could you take a look at my Info and tell me what you think or see something wrong.  I'm on the outer edge of service, and now that AT&T says Pair Bonding is a go I was looking to see if that would help me so I could get 2HD/1SD or more, at least with Internet download speed.




3 pics attached.




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Re: My Stats would Pair Bonding Help?

You definitely need pair bonding, as you are currently too far from the VRAD for normal service to work properly, even on the lowest profile.


You also need a tech to come take a look at your coax situation, it looks like you may need some compression fittings or wall plates changed out.


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Re: My Stats would Pair Bonding Help?

1811i22F800A39D91C3F21812i962B35D6173FDBCC1810i40F859CBDDEECF15What the hek is Pair Bonding?


Here are my stats, am I pair bonded???

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Re: My Stats would Pair Bonding Help?

Pair bonding is a new installation method that was just released for general use by AT&T.  Instead of using the 2Wire 3800HGV residential gateway inside the house, a 2Wire i3812V (referred to as the iNID) is installed outside the house at the phone wiring demarc point, replacing the POTS NID.  Then inside the house, a 2Wire i38HG is installed which has wireless and Ethernet.


The iNID can bond two telephone pairs together to improve the data rate for those people who are very far away from the VRAD, like the original poster.  He is 3200 feet away, and his single-pair VDSL service rate is very low, causing problems.  If he were to be switched to the iNID and use two pairs, the total data rate would come up to alleviate these problems.


Your installation does not need such a thing, your statistics look very good.


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