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Multiple Modems?


Multiple Modems?



I am not yet a Uverse customer, but I am tired of Time Warner and on my next move, I am considering switching to Uverse.  


My question is, I'd be in a 3-bedroom house, the living room would have the modem and router.  Obviously the router would send out our wireless signal and also offer additional ports for CAT5 cables to link up other electronics in the room (mostly gaming devices).  My room and possibly another would also have gaming devices that would need access to the internet.  Wireless adapters for gaming devices are a joke and I haven't encountered a wireless network that could support online gaming or streaming media the way a hardline can.  That being said, is it possible to have AT&T setup multiple routers?  Is it a matter of the home being networked per room for CAT5 installation or are there other factors?  Or, is it not possible at all?


Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention.



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Re: Multiple Modems?

Multiple routers cannot be installed. Install tech can probably run ethernet to your other rooms if you push him for it, but you may have to pay for the wiring/jacks/labor.
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Re: Multiple Modems?

Understood.  Thank you very much for the response.  Looks like it is time to get the ol' negotiation hat on.
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