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Moving STB to New Room


Moving STB to New Room

I need help please.  When I had Uverse installed, I had a DVR and one STB installed.  I now want to move the STB from one room to another.  I have snaked a CAT 5e wire from the RG to the new room.  I tried to be very careful not to tug on the wire too hard to avoid damaging it.  However, when I hooked up the wire from the RG to the STB, I received an orange ATT screen and the green link light on the STB did not light up.  After a few minutes, the screen showed a box that said "quit client".  I have tried to reboot the RG and the STB without success.  I have also hooked the TV and STB back up to the wire in the old room and uverse loads up without any problems.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be for the hookup in the new room?


I did notice that the wire coming out of the RG for the hookup in the old room first went into a box attached to the wall near the RG before coming out the other side and proceeding up to the old room.  I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but thought I would include this in case it does.

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Re: Moving STB to New Room

Try calling ts and find out if the move is possible or if you need to put the equipment back in the orginal room.  They should be able to get you going.

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