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More Apple TV Questions


More Apple TV Questions

Like many others, I'm still trouble shooting why when I try to rent a movie on the new Apple TV it takes 8+ hours to load. Today, I noticed on the Apple trouble shooting tips this.


If you are connecting your Apple TV to your network via Ethernet, Apple TV requires a 10/100BASE-T or
faster Ethernet network.


 Can someone explain what this means? And is this something the uveres gateway/router supports?


 Thanks in advance,



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Re: More Apple TV Questions

that's just a standard ethernet cable connection.  which is what your gateway and apple tv have. 


that wired connection will probably produce faster results than if you are trying to download wirelessly.  HD movies will also take longer because they are bigger sized files.  And like anything, it will depend on what other traffic is tying up the network too.  you shouldn't have any problems browsing the net at the same time as apple tv is downloading....but if you are trying to watch youtube videos or other heavily loaded content, that will slow down apple tv too. 

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Re: More Apple TV Questions

Other users with this issue report the problem is using Google's or OpenDNS name servers. 

I use the standard Uverse AT&T name servers and movies start playing within a few seconds.

Your internet speed may also affect your experience.


FYI, here is a link to the forum discussion:

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