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Modem Issues


Modem Issues

I have the Motorola silver modem and the thing is a piece of junk! This is the second one I've had since I re-subscribed with AT&T last June, the first one stopped working too. They will reset themselves every few minutes (so far it's done it 3-4 times in the 45 minutes I've been online, not including restarting the modem when I went to go online). Does anyone else have this problem? I can't watch any movies or shows streaming because every few minutes it resets and I go back to the beginning.
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Re: Modem Issues

I have exactly the same problem...........I get disconnected every few minutes and it's driving me to consider another isp......this is ridiculous...........ATT sent me the silver Motorola when my first modem developed problems and this one is WORSE!! Lin
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