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Miss my TiVo already


Miss my TiVo already

OK, only been a month or so, but I miss my old setup. My primary DVR was a HD TiVo (upgraded) plus 2 cable co supplied moto DVR's. I could (if I wanted) record 6 HD 'streams' at the same time. Don't think I ever went past 4 tho. Also lost (just on the TiVo) about 80hrs of HD recording time.


Yeah, I knew this going in. At the time I was told max 2 HD and 1 SD stream could be recorded at once. That quickly was updated to up to 3 HD streams could be recorded at the same time (never watch live TV; time shift 100%). I also knew the wacky setup of a single DVR plus receivers (STB's?).


I had u-verse installed in 2 stages. Stage 1 was internet and phone since I felt those was pretty easy. Install on those went fine. Not just ONE manager but TWO showed up to 'supervise' the install. Wow, I thot AT&T throwing a lot into this; at least in my area which is 'new' to having u-verse.


Waited a month before doing the cable switch. This install went south right away (no managers this time). Tech could not get either the DVR or STB to get past the orange screen of (boredom?). He thot some kind of bios update issue, I thot maybe a server side issue since I had started with just voice and internet service. He insisted and ending up getting FOUR boxes from his truck b4 I thot maybe I was right and called tech support. Turns out I was right, he was el wrongo. Took 1.5 hours to solve this. During all these boxes I failed to notice he gave me the SMALLER DVR box vs the bigger 1225. This alone took 2 hours on the phone to get correct box sent. All new installs with 450 service should get the bigger box and in my case bigger box was very important since if I had the smaller box I'd lose even MORE recording time; not acceptable at all....


Got the the new box had to wait for THEM to install (which is kinda silly). Thot all was ok.


First time I tried to record 3 HD streams the interface would not allow the 3rd one. Seems ANOTHER server side setting had to be 'updated'. Once that got done (many emails and phone calls) I could record 3 HD streams.


Yippee I thot. Then the freezes, shuddering and frame drops began. Way worse than when I was on coax. And note all wiring in my 'burb' is underground and new as of 2003 (same deal with house wiring) and I'm 800ft from the VRAD or is that DVAD (sorry).


I warm booted all devices and hopefully that deals with the dropped frames slomo video problem...I hope...


Why AT&T didn't just license TiVo is a mystery to me. I know it is possible to have each DVR a full DVR and be connected to each other. Plus, hands down TiVo is superior interface in almost all ways. This DVR and STB setup is for the birds. I guess AT&T figured most houses there is ONE primary TV and maybe 1 other that is only 'sometimes' used. If one knows that going in, no problem. I knew it and jumped anyway: getting off a locally owned cable system was WAY more important.


Internet rocks, tho latency is not quite what it was when on plain ole DSL; phone service ok, don't use home phone much. I suppose seeing caller id on the TV is kinda cool. Maybe?


Hopefully this is the bottom and service will have improvements and become 'better' and maybe I"ll miss my HD TiVo that is lying in the closet awaiting e-cycle time. Smiley Sad





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Re: Miss my TiVo already

Welcome to UV!  Sounds like you did your homework on the service. Smiley Happy


It's my understanding from other posters here, that many of the TiVo features are patented and they aren't giving that up; but I think they have been challenged in some areas in court as of late.


Some people use their TiVo with Uverse, but they'll have to advise you on that. Smiley Wink


If you'd like to download and post some screenshots for us, folks here can take a look and see if there's anything obvious (that TS missed) going on that can be corrected.

Post screenshots of these tabs:
Error Table
Coax/HPNA (unless you are all Ethernet)

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Re: Miss my TiVo already

Yup, did my reasearch. During the voice and internet install the manager said the system could record 3 HD at the same time and that was kinda ok for me. Just 2HD was a deal breaker.


Hey, if AT&T can pay moto and cisco for hardware, they could pay TiVo as well. And with TiVo they get the gold standard for DVR's. Sheesh, at&t could buy TiVo. Smiley Very Happy


Perhaps someday they will. One can hope.





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Re: Miss my TiVo already


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Re: Miss my TiVo already

Is there a way that say for instance  you turn to a program that is live tv and say it has been on for 10 min and you want to record it.  If I record it will it only record from the time I actually pushed the button or will it start from the beginning so that 10 minutes that I missed can be recorded??

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Re: Miss my TiVo already

There is a one hour buffer for the TV connected to the DVR only.  The buffer is the lesser of 1 hour or the length of time that you have been tuned to the channel.  When the DVR is turned off or the channel is changed, the buffer is cleared.  Thus, if you tune to a new channel and the program on that channel has been on for 10 minutes, the recording will occur from the time that you tuned to the channel not from the time that the program began.

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Re: Miss my TiVo already

Thank you Texas guy,..that helps out a lot!!!

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