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Media share with a Mac computer


Media share with a Mac computer

I recently saw that I now have media share.  When I went to set it up, it appears that it will only work with a Windows computer system.  Does anyone know of a work around or if U-verse will be expanding the system to include Mac computers?
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Re: Media share with a Mac computer

I've called tier II support, said they're working on it:smileytongue:  


This might help.

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Re: Media share with a Mac computer

boy, that would be great!


I'm brand new to UV and would really enjoy sharing my pix on the big screen.


of course, I'd like to watch some of those recorded shows from my new DVR on my mac, but I understand that ain't happening on any PC 

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Re: Media share with a Mac computer

OK people.  I was able to get Uverse Media Share to work with my iMAC.  The trick is simply Twonky Media and select WindowsCE based client (this should come as no surprise that Uverse is simply Motorola Hardware running WindowsCE).  Bad news though, Twonky is still working out the kinks on Pictures so they won't work.  I was only able to get Music to work.


Note:  I've tried all the other MAC Media Servers:  Connect360, Rivet, Playback, etc.  None of them work. 



Step  by Step Instructions:


1) Download Twonky Media

2) Install Twonky Media - Please note that my install left me with an expired trial version (shame on you Twonky!).  You can tell this by clicking on Server Status.  I just purchased the product for $29.95.  I would go ahead and do this.  Trust me, it really works.  Your config page will now appear.  

3) If your trial version has expired, Register the product and click maintenance, then click restart server

4) Click First Steps and Set your Host Name to "JamesRocks"  (j/k set it to a 8 character hostname) 

4) Click Sharing and then add all your Music directories.  The iTunes directory will already be shared.

5) Now go to the UVERSE Menu and select Interactive, then select Media Share.  Nothing will appear, don't worry!  Go to the next step.

6) Go to your Twonky Config Page (http://localhost:9000) and select Media Receivers.  You will see your UVERSE Receiver MAC Address.  




7)  Your Media Receiver will be set as a General Media Receiver.  Change this to WindowsCE based client.

8) Go back to your UVerse TV and you will see your Twonky Media Server!!




1) View Photos

2) View Videos


ONLY MUSIC at this point!! 


That's it!!  If you have any trouble, let me know!




James Deck 


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Re: Media share with a Mac computer

James, thanks for that input! Would you please keep us up to date if they add video/photos?
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Re: Media share with a Mac computer

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Re: Media share with a Mac computer

Good news. I got Media Share to work with my photos and music but I have yet to try videos.
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Re: Media share with a Mac computer

StarbucksGuru--could you please post exactly how to make Media Share work with photos on an iMac?  I wouldn't be using it for music, but would be very interested in viewing my pictures on the TV.  Thanks.



"Everything should be made as simple as possible--but not simpler."
--Albert Einstein
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Re: Media share with a Mac computer



Thanks for including the steps for using TwonkyServer with AT&T U-verse. A few comments:


1. You can now buy TwonkyServer for only $19.95.

2. TwonkyServer should work with both photos and music. There is probably a simple settings change which will address this problem. We're looking into this now.

3. You mentioned problems with your license key. If you need me to reset your key or send you a new key please let me know. I can be reached by sending mail to

4. We're in the process of improving the way we work with AT&T U-Verse please send all bugs and feature requests to me at


Best regards,


- Rick


Twonky Product Manager


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