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MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection


MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

I am having problems maintaining a constant wireless U-verse internet connection using both my MacBook and iMac computers. However, my PC notebook maintains a steady wireless internet connection. I have the Max internet connection from U-verse.

The Airport icon in the top right hand side of the screen disappears for 30-60 seconds before restoring the U-verse connection. This problems occurs on both the MacBook and iMac. It occurs every 30 minutes or so.

Has anybody else experienced this problem using a Mac? Is it related to the WPA password not being held by the Mac constantly?

I currently resolve the problem either by waiting 30-60 seconds or I click the Airport icon in the top right hand side of the screen, choose the U-verse wireless connection from the drop-down list (the U-verse wireless service appears each time in the list) and then the internet connection is restored.

Very strange given that the PC notebook does not encounter any problems. I even installed a small wireless signal strength application on the PC to check that the wireless is not dropping out. I have not noticed it drop out yet.

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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection


To answer your question, yes the problem remains resolved for me. I occasionally have a dropped signal ... but no where near the frequency of what I had originally.

Your other question about being satisfied with Uverse boils down to personal preference. I really really really enjoy the television signal quality, choice of viewing selections and HD quality. I've had the service for a month and I'm pretty happy about television quality.

Internet is good too in that the speed is more consistent than Time Warner cable. And not only is it more consistent in speed levels, but it is faster too. Those are two significant issues to consider.

My issue was and remains that the Gateway 2Wire router that AT&T provides sometimes has issues with Apple Mac's. Not all Mac's. Just some. Most likely it's because of interference as previously stated and commented on by others. I make this comment after researching this issue broadly on the web in other forums, etc. Prior to the Uverse system, with Time Warner I was using a Linksys router and it gave me flawless performance. My issues didn't appear until the new router came into the house.

As you've read in this posting, there are those who frequent these forums and are passionate defenders of Uverse. God bless them. But the point of these forums is to share experiences and provide an additional mechanism to resolve issues. With all that said, I don't know where the original problem rests - is it the 2Wire router or is it Apple? Dunno.

I couldn't stream iTunes to my stereo before and now I can ..... all day long I play music. So the resolution as stated above has helped.

I don't drop the internet on the Macbook anymore at all during the day. But I will drop the signal at night occasionally. Don't know why.

Enough of a big deal has been made about this Macbook issue with 2Wire and Apple that maybe there is a firmware or software fix coming that will help it. The other forums and information from Apple indicate so ... but meanwhile it is what it is.

The other thing to mention is that with the first months bill that showed up the other day, I was impressed with how the bill actually reflected what I had and what I ordered. It was easy to read and matched the order. By comparison, in my experience, Time Warner billing was always confusing, and had mysterious charges appear. Time Warner pricing is deceptive. For example, during one of my last months with Time Warner I switched my box to a DVR model. I was to be charged $8.50 per month for it. The bill showed up and it had the $8.50 per month for the service as agreed. But it was the additional charge for $7.80 for dvr box rental in addition to the $8.50 that corked me. Ton's of people (my neighbors) are leaving Time Warner. They don't get it.

As for whether or not you'll get specific broadcasts - you need to ask Uverse - phone them and discuss your expectations and get specific answers to your questions. I live in the Midwest and I don't have a clue what broadcasts you'll get in TX. (Example, some of you get AMC with Uverse. I do not get AMC).

And lastly, someone mentioned something about direct wiring the mini Mac .... that's a good idea. Uverse likes to hard wire at least 1 desktop in the house. You'll get better connectivity in hardwire. And make sure they install the 2Wire gateway router on the main floor of where you use most of your computers. The wireless broadcast signal be it's best that way.

Good luck. Have fun ... it's all fun!
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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

Abner463 wrote:
"Second, what are you planning on watching your Dodgers on? Just to let you know, if you think you will be able to watch them on one of the regional sports channels such as FSN, and you don't live in the local viewing area for the Dodgers, you still won't be able to see them. Even if you pay for the sports package. The sports package does not override the blackouts required by the regional sports channels."

Wait a minute!!!  Why would non-regional games be blacked out?  What the heck is on these channels if things will be blacked out?  I am in San Antonio and want to see FSN and FSN Prime Ticket for the Dodger games.  I HATE that Extra Innings subscription because TWC had no control over it when there was a problem, like the game before it going longer than expected, and my game going on without me.  So if you can elaborate on this, I would appreciate it.  I'm not making the switch if I don't gain these games. :smileysurprised:

I certainly don't want to misinform you and chase you away from a great product, but as far as I know, even if you order the sports package, you still cannot see programming that is blacked out in your area. That would include any out of market games that are broadcast on those channels.
Maybe someone else can have some input here if they know of anything I am missing.
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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

There is a guy on uverseusers dot com that is named jeeves, a Mac Guru.  You might search around over there as I'm sure this has been addressed over there.  Or ask there, or PM jeeves. :smileywink:
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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

Hi all who have responded to my query, thank you for your input.  Sorry to hijack this thread!  I guess I will just have to decide if I want to risk the move.  Yikes!
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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

Cool!  Hope it all goes well...come back here if you need assistance.:smileywink:
And you may have read here, you can keep your current service and compare the two, then make your decision.
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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

Wait, what?  I can "keep" TWC and when the installers come to set up my house for U-Verse, I can just set it aside, and if it isn't what I hoped for, I can just disconnect U-Verse and re-plug in the TWC?  Hmm....because baseball season is fast approaching! :-)
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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

Yes, that's true...and some people run them at the same time to compare picture on TVs.  But the trick is making sure your installer doesn't CUT your TW cable (like they did mine even though I told them not to).
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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

I've not had any wireless problems with the RG and I run a ton of wireless stuff, including a lot of Apple equipment. I recently upgraded to the max speed (10 down). It is faster than what I had with Comcast.

To be fair, though, I'm using the Cat5 network for both of my iMacs (G5 and current generation), the mini Mac, AppleTV (although I was using that with wireless).

Connecting via running:
Mac Book Pro
Powerbook G4 (Tibook)
iPod touch
2 TiVos (Series 2 and Series3)
Roku Soundbridge
Logitech's Squeezebox
xBox 360

I've been able to stream music to the AppleTV from any computer.

What I miss on the RG:
UPnP and Qos support

Before U-verse, I was using the the Linksys WRT54G and an Airport Express to act like a repeater. I've not experimented with using the Express with the RG. One day I might get the gumption to shut down the wireless portion of the RG and use Apple's Timecapsule, but its seem pretty solid now without any interference or dropped connections. My TiBook is pretty flaky with signals since it was dropped :smileysad:., but works find with the RG.

Caveat: I live in a small one story relatively new home in a subdivision that doesn't have a lot of wireless. So there's not much -- if any -- interference (although my neighbors have U-verse).

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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

I'm having the exact same problem as the original poster.  


I've tried everything.  Resetting PRAM, changing wireless password encryption types, trashing settings, changing channels, reinstalling the OS, messing with network settings, messing with router settings, changing to wireless g only, EVERYTHING.


It did this several months ago..  then it stopped.  For months.  Then a couple weeks ago, it started randomly disconnecting again, every ten minutes or more.  Nothing has changed.  And it's only my unibody Macbook.  My roommate's white plastic Macbook..  no problems whatsoever.


I just can't take it anymore.  I see other people having this same problem on various forums..  and there are many suggestions, but never a solution.  If anybody has any other ideas, please let me know.  Because it's getting close to me giving up and canceling U-verse to return to the terrible cable company that, at least, never gave me a problem like this. 


And I don't want to go to that trouble.  But this is driving me out of my mind.  Please help! 

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Re: MacBook/iMac & U-verse internet connection

Without knowing what version of OSX you have the last one before SL was directed at wireless problems since most have stayed connected

without issues SL definitely stays connected to everything so far. There was a few instances where the wireless card was defective in the laptop

even though you said it worked on the previous provider and then it worked for several months on Uv and now intermittent . To rule out bad card

do you have another location that you can use your wireless and try that. When it drops connection did you use Netwrk Diagnostics and what did

it report. In the network settings do you have it set to configure IPv4 automatically and IPv6 set to auto or off ( currently not used). Most of the time

it was do to channel selection set to auto which has never worked very well for both Mac and PC selecting a channel with the least amount of

traffic with the lowest signal noise solved a lot of those issues for me it was ch. 11. Last but not least have you done a software update. 

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