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Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)


Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

Hi all,


There's been a lot of back-and-forth about Mac OS, u-verse, and the RG... this has been my experience so far:


I started out with a DSL connection, an ASA5505 firewall an Apple airport extreme, two macbooks, and a mac pro.  Everything worked perfectly, but being standard DSL I was only getting about 2Mbits/s.  I got a notice that U-verse was available in my neighborhood and decided to switch.


First problem... ATT won't process your order with DSL on the line.  I had to cancel DSL before I could place the order.  Ok, I'm going to be without internet for a week or so.

Second problem... ATT's install appointments are a MONTH out.  Fine, whatever.


While I was waiting I set up Cat 5e to all my drop points.


The installer came out and everything installed smoothly.  The configuration after he left was pretty much the default config, although I still had the Airport on the network (I took the ASA out of the mix to not confuse any issues with the install with my local setup.  TV works great, phone works great, internet is testing out at ~16 -17 Mbits/s down and ~2 up from a machine that is hardwired to the network.  Fantastic.   Installer goes home.


I switch over to one of the laptops and connect it to the wireless on the Airport and it pretty much just doesn't work.  Pages load halfway, the wireless disconnects, dns look ups fail and latency and packet loss are between the laptop and the gateway are through the roof.  figuring the problem might be interference with the RG's wireless I go in and turn that off.  Well, nothing really changes.  Ok.  I turn off the wireless on the Airport and start using the wireless on the RG.  The latency problem is better, but I'm still getting pages half loading, long pauses when loading web pages, and other general weirdness.  Moving the the mac pro, that is wired directly into the RG I get the same behaviour.  Pages load fast, but stop in the middle of loading and some lookups fail.  I tried what several users have suggested and change the DNS servers to ATT's servers instead of the RG, which helps, but only a little.  Even my iphone was having this problem.


At this point, I decided to go back to what I had before (sort of)  I put the ASA behind the RG in DMZ plus mode, turned off the wireless on the RG, turned on the wireless on my airport extreme, and put the airport and all the computers behind the ASA and left the tv boxes out in front of the ASA.  Two days now,  and ALL of the above problems are completely gone.  The only thing that is being weird is traceroute doesn't work right.


So, it is apparent to me that there is a bad interaction between the 2wire RG and all things apple.  I've seen quite a few people who say that they don't have problems with it, but I've also seen lots of people who have.  Putting a cisco router/firewall between the RG and the rest of my network has completely solved the problem.  Clearly there is something not right there.  I'm not even going to venture a guess as to whose fault it is, but there is definately an issue.  Perhaps my set up will help someone else solve these problems as well.



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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

I have had my Airport connected to the 2wire. In the airport, I set the DNS to the AT&T DNS. That change made a huge difference in things like google maps. Those never worked right and it was quite frustrating until I found these forums.


Thanks, it really improved things! I have not seen an issue wiht htem ever since....


Now, the next item is when AT&T going to support parental controls on the 2wire???

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

I have an iMac that consistently has problems holding a wireless connection. It comes in full strength, but occasionally drops to nothing and then starts scanning for a network. I have yet to come up with a reason for this. Either I'm getting interference from something or maybe something is wrong with the wireless network adapter in the iMac. I'm going to have the Mac checked at the local apple store on Friday.


I have moved the computer and it doesn't seem to really make much of a difference.


Anyone know if there is a specific wireless channel that might be better to avoid interference?

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)






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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

I have been using this for years. 

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

Well, my living room laptop is getting 75% and the iMac is at 62%. The iMac is closer to the RG. The iMac percentage was lower when it was on channel 5. It went up on channel 7.


I still plan on taking it in and let Apple look at it.


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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

Not to bring up a subject again, but I wanted to mention that my Mac is now getting a perfect signal from the RG with no dropouts. My problem first appeared when I switched from DSL to U-verse and my iMac would not connect consistently via wireless. I finally took the Mac in for service, but they couldn't find anything wrong with the AirPort, even though Windows machines and my Mac laptop had no problem.


The Apple tech gave me this article:


which seems to indicate a problem with 2Wire routers and some Mac models. I think this has finally been proven to me when I hooked up my new iMac on Saturday. I've had a perfect signal with no drops since!


I know this isn't a solution for many, but I wanted to mention it in case others are still having issues regularly connecting wireless with their Macs.


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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

manually adding the DNS servers has helped a ton for me, as well as the article that jwt001 posted. 




MBP 10.6 OS 4gig ram (2) 

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

Thank you! Adding the DNS servers worked instantly!

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

I have had problems with my MBPro, Late 2009 model, staying connected to the 2Wire RG wirelessly. Went through several configs that included manually entering the DNS. I would be connected full strength and then connectivity would drop. I used my iPhone and WiFiFoFum to check what channels where being used in the neighborhood. Put the RG on a unused channel with no change in symptoms.  Finally, I bought a Airport Express. Turned off the 2Wire wireless and put the APE in bridge mode. Not a dropped connection since and it is faster. 



MacBook Pro, 10.6.2 8 Gigs of RAM, 500 gig HDA, mini Server, 10.6.2, Mac G5 Dual Processor 1.8 GHz, 10.5.8,  2 Gigs RAM, pair of 230 Gig HDAs, and an XP Box.


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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

There is a new release of iStumbler for SL 10.6.2 it has a lot more info.

What I have found over the years is its hard to beat the Airport Extreme Base Station for Mac's and it gives the ability

to add up to 4 Airport Express's for a wide range of applications i have been using mine on several different providers without troubles so far over the years.

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

Truth in advertising.    AT&T has to know that these problems exist with MACs.   Their sales force needs to forewarn customers about the issue.  Given that i can't charge AT&T for my wasted time when I lose connectivity.  I'm considering changing to another vendor after only 7.5 days of this poor service.

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

Don't you think that if there was some general problem with Macs and U-verse, that affected a significant number of people, the Internets would be ablaze with complaints?  

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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

There definitely is a well documented and consistently reproducible problem with the DNS proxy in the RG. Manually configuring the Mac's DNS servers is a workaround, unless you're Mac is portable and needs to work on multiple networks. eg Home and Work


ATT has ignored this problem for a very long time, even though many, many people have reported the problem.


I even spoke with a Tier 2 support tech who recognized the problem as the same problem he was having at his own home but didn't know how to fix it.


Definite problem... if you don't see it consider yourself lucky or unobservant. :-)


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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

I believe DSL reports has a thread that says that the DNS issues with Macs are fixed in the latest version of the RG firmware which is rolling out now.


I haven't confirmed this myself, as I do not have a Mac to test with.


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Re: Mac and U-verse (how it works for me)

Wow, this is awesome news. I'll try to find that article. I'd like to find out what the new version number is and how to get the upgrade.


Best regards,



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