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Lost Internet access the last two days......


Lost Internet access the last two days......

I've lost my Internet connection the last two days, first thing in the morning.  Yesterday the Broadband light on the RG was solid red, so I unplugged the RG for a couple of minutes and then plugged it back in.  That worked, but this morning the Internet was down again.  This time the lights on the RG were all normal.  I power cycled the RG again to bring the Internet back up.


I have the U200 and the Internet Pro package.  The TV's were working ok, both times the Internet went down.  As a side note, I've also had really slow page loading on my web browsers.  Possibly a DNS problem with AT&T's default DNS servers?


I've had the U-verse service for 6 or 7 weeks now with absolutely no problems until the last two days.  Any ideas anybody?



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Re: Lost Internet access the last two days......

I only lost internet access once and rebooted the RG and got it back like you did the first time, but

my lights were all green on my reboot.  Might have to call TS and see if they can find a problem the

hard reboot didn't fix, use the number in my sig and press 2. 


On slow browsing:


According to dnsguy at, it is the 2wire RG w/dns problems. A good work around

is to hard code the ATT DNS servers in your connections wired/wireless in the lower right corner

of your Windows taskbar. Double click the wired (do the wireless one next if installed and active)

connection, click 'properties', double click 'internet protocol (TCP/IP)', leave 'obtain IP address' alone.

chose 'use the following dns servers' , plug in and then, then click 'ok', then

'ok' again and 'close'.


For good measure bring up a command prompt and run 'ipconfig /flushdns' then

press 'enter', you should be good to go w/o any page load or graphic load problems or 'looking up...'

waiting times. I had tried openDNS, but ended up having these same problems and went back to

ATT DNS servers. :smileywink:



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Re: Lost Internet access the last two days......

Everything is fine this morning.  No RG lockup so far.  And the hardcoded DNS servers seem to be making my web browsing much faster.  Everything looks good so far..........


Thanks Chris.



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