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Loosing signal frustrations


Loosing signal frustrations


So, I've had Uverse for a couple of years now.  I've been fighting lose of signal issues for most of the time.  Some times I can go a month or so without any issues, but then there are times where I loose signal to the RG 5 or 6 times in 15 minutes.


I have had numerous tech's out.  We have changed out the RG twice, with the latest being the new 3801.  They have changed out the cable from the pole to the house.  They installed a line filter on the coax right before the RG.


Here are some screen shots of the Realtime right after a bad run of lost signal.


Let me know if you see anything that the tech's may have missed.




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Re: Loosing signal frustrations

You have some serious issues going on in your service.  Call ts using one of the phone numbers in my sig and request a tech be sent out to check your service.  You can ask the csr to run a test on your service to check for errors.  It also looks like you are set on a higher profile than you should be.  Others will be along to give you more details, but definitely call ts.  Request to talk to a tier 2 tech also.

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Re: Loosing signal frustrations

It looks like there may be a bridge tap on your line. A bridge tap is an extra length of wire attached to your pair that doesn't terminate anywhere. It is usually left over from a previous customer that used your pair. Bridge taps cause problems with xDSL services.

You should call technical support, have them send a premises tech to your house to check the line. He should open a helper ticket with the Installation and Maintenance group (I&M), which are the linesmen, to come find and remove the bridge tap.

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Re: Loosing signal frustrations

The last time they were out they had mentioned a bridge tap.  Said they were going to send out linemen.  Since I didn't have to be home for the linemen to do the work, I don't know if they showed up.  We have had no issues up until a couple of days ago since the last time the service guys were out.


My next door neighbor has uverse as well and he does't have the issues that I'm having.  Could a bridge tap allow the service to work fine for a month and then all of a sudden go into the toilet?


Here are  screens of my realtime as of this morning.




Thanks for your help!

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Re: Loosing signal frustrations

That latest bitloading looks better, but now looks like there is interference.


You should contact tier 2 and have them send a senior tech that can look for and eliminate these sources of interference. Possible sources include:

* Power line interference, such as:
* Fluorescent light ballasts
* High-intensity gas discharge lights like mercury vapor
* Grounding problems, such as improper ground at the NID, the pedestal, etc.
* Electrical system grounding problems, such as improper ground on the RG's outlet, the breaker panel, etc.
* HAM radio broadcasts in the HF band
* AM radio transmissions, such as a nearby radio station

Try to isolate any potential source of these problems and see if you can find one that eliminates the interference.

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Re: Loosing signal frustrations

My house is older, so it originally didn't have a grounded system.  I noticed a grounding strap on my backyard water faucet with a copper line going up into the attic.  I guess I need to find out what outlets are actually grounded seeing that I still have some outlets that are only two prong.

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