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Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router


Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router

Hello all,


I am using the 3800HGV-B Gateway and I have 2 UVerse receivers, an xbox 360 and a desktop wired directly to it. I have 2 roommates, both with laptops with wireless cards, and neither one of them can connect to the 2wire router. One laptop is XP SP2 and the other is Vista Home. We don't have any other routers connected, so it shouldn't be interfering with another router. We always get the "limited connectivity" message. We went into the settings page, changed the wpa key to something else, and it still won't work. All the PCs are allowed devices under the MAC filtering. Under the Home Network tab, it says that one of the laptops is a local device, however under "status at a glance" there is nothing listed for devices that are connected wirelessly. We have had this issue since we got the service over 3 months ago. We are using WPA-PSK encryption and we've tried to connect on both channels 6 and 11. Power Setting is 10 and SSID broadcasting is enabled. It's all set up to work wirelessly, but for some reason it wont. 


I don't want to disable the firewall, but if that's what I need to do, I will. I have MacAfee on my pc as well, so I don't need two firewalls. 


I need to know how to fix this because I will be forced to switch service providers as well if we can't get this to work. We all have our own pcs and we want to be able to work from them. All help is appreciated.

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Re: Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router

Might want to make sure the laptops are using Windows Wireless Connection manager instead of any

other proprietary connection manager, have seen that posted as a solution.  Can't find the posts I wanted

about XP2 and Vista wireless connection problems.  Also will either connect separately one at a time? :smileywink:



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Re: Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router

In order to get Media Share to work I had to reduce my Zone Alarm Firewall Security from High to Medium.  When done, I raised it back to High.


You may have to reduce your Firewall Security Level when more than one PC is accessing the Internet.

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Re: Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router

As I understand it.


1 you have 2 lappys that won't connect even using the wpa-psk.

2 You placed them in the authorized to connect vi the mac filtering.

3 you don't wan't to kill the firewall. afak you can't kill the firewall unless you put the comp in dmz mode.



Do this check and remove the mac add from the filtering. 


change wpa-psk to wep-open.


connect the laptops to the rg


make sure that the mac filtering has the mac's in the authorized colum. If manuall put in they automatically go to the unauthorized and are blocked from using the internet.


once you have the mac's in the authorized colum then change back to wpa-psk and go throught the connection and input the pass key in when requested.



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Re: Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router

I just went back into my MAC filtering settings and noticed something. My MAC filtering wasn't enabled, so I enabled it. One of the laptops (XP) connected. The Vista did not. We changed the security to wep-open and it still won't connect. We even took the security off completely, and it still won't connect!!! We also noticed a new problem. The XP computer disconnected from our router when another wireless connection became available. Someone who lives near us has a unprotected router connection called linksys. When linksys popped up in available connections, the XP pc would no longer connect to our router. It seems like the two routers could be interferring with each other, so I changed the channel on ours. Still, no connection. But before linksys popped up, the XP laptop connected fine to our router. I'm so frustrated!


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Re: Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router

on the xp right click on the net connection icon in the bottom right.

select view available networks.

in the left click on advanced settings.

then find the tab listing the prefered networks.

move your network to the top.

delete all networks that are there.

then it should connect to your rg first.


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Re: Laptop will not connect to U-Verse Router

if this is not yet resolved... just go to the set up page of the RG by connecting ur laptop hardwired to the RG for the mean time then open a browser (internet explorer) and on the address bar type in - it will ask for a system password and that can be found on the sticker of the RG itself. then once your in, change the wireless network name (SSID) and personalize it. any name would do. also change the wireless key u can use WEP open and try putting a 10 digit number (it ca be your phone number) then connect to the wireless network...
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