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Laptop cuts off internet connection


Laptop cuts off internet connection

This is pretty strange:


Every time I turn on my laptop, my internet connection gets cut off.  The broadband and service lights on the UVerse 2Wire gateway would turn from green to red and there would be no connection.  When I shut down my laptop, the lights would come back on.


However, if I turn on my laptop sitting right in front of the gateway, the connection would stay on, but as soon as I move into another room, the red light will flash and there would be no connection.


Anyone have any suggestions as to where I should be looking? is it a wireless channel issue? MAC address issue?


Thanks for any input.



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Re: Laptop cuts off internet connection

Wow, that is strange. The fact that your laptop connects fine when it is next to the RG means it is not likely a MAC address issue. Try a different channel, pick one that is not 'crowded'. For example there's other wireless routers at channels 1,2,4, and 10 and 11. Pick channel 7.


- How many other active wired/wireless connections are there on your RG?
- What brand/model is your laptop? Is this behavior new, meaning it used to connect fine and then just one day it started to reset the RG's internet connection (with no changes to the RG or your laptop)?




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Re: Laptop cuts off internet connection

Download and install inSSIDer to get a better picture of live activity for yourself/neighbors.


Then take a look at SomeJoe's post about Wireless Interference.  There could be something in one room that is the culprit.

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Re: Laptop cuts off internet connection

Thanks guys for the suggestions.


So today I discovered something that might pinpoint where this strange occurance is coming from.


My laptop only disconnects the internet connection when it is plugged into the wall.  That explains why I am able to use it sitting in front of the gateway, because it's powered by a battery.


I tried a couple of wall sockets inside the house, and so far only the one in my bedroom seems to do that.  As soon as I plug in the laptop, internet goes down... unplug it, internet comes back out.


Well, I certainly don't know why it does that, but sure is weird.

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Re: Laptop cuts off internet connection

Sounds similar to this issue where a bum Wii power supply would reset the RG.  I would inspect the power supply on your laptop and maybe even replace it OEM, no cheapy knockoffs Smiley Happy.

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Re: Laptop cuts off internet connection

Haha! so the power suply is indeed ths culprit!  I borrowed an OEM HP power supply and got no disconnection.  What a trip!  The one I was using was from eBay Smiley Tongue


AT&T tech guys should be made award of this problem.  To think I had three techs at my house at one point and they couldn't figure out why the RG kept getting disconneted... poor guys.

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