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Just got an 3D HDTV - Some questions

Just got an 3D HDTV - Some questions

So, I've had U-verse for a few months now on a 36" SD tube set. The picture always looked great. Now that I have a 55" Samsung LCD LED TV 240Hz, I can definitely see some digital noise on both SD and HD channels. Changing the picture mode from "Standard" to "Movie" cleared up most of the noise by "hiding" it in the blacks. I've tried turning on and off most of the MPEG and digital noise filters, motion correction. Nothing really helped as much as just dimming the picture.


Any other suggestions?


I also played my first Netflix instant video. I have to say, that in some cases the image (1080p from netflix) was better then U-Verse, and in other cases with fast panning was very bad. The interesting thing is that the MPEG noise was less in most scenes and details were actually close to Blu-ray quality.


Watching a baseball game in HD on U-verse also showed up an interesting issue when a player was running on the grass. An clearly visible outline of noise surrounded his entire body where the white of his uniform met the green of the grass. I've never seen this with SD.


On to audio now.


I did not have an HDMI receiver, so I have a HDMI cable going from the STB to the TV and an optical cable going from the STB to the receiver. This works really well with my Blu-ray player. I have not see any sync issues with the blu-ray player since I re-encode all the audio into DTS. However, the U-Verse STB on some HD channels and even SD channels will have a lip-sync issue. Also, If I turn the volume up on the TV I can definitely hear an echo. I know there will be a delay, and for the most part it is not noticeable (with the TV volume down), but some channels and entire shows are always out of sync while others are not. This seems like a U-Verse issue or with the actual source.


Any ideas?







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Re: Just got an 3D HDTV - Some questions

Suggest you use SomeJoe's HDNet Calibration thread:

Sat, Aug 7 - 6:30 AM ET 3:30 AM PT  HDNet Test Patterns 1105
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1-866-465-1496 for direct TS to avoid Mr. Voice recognition
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Re: Just got an 3D HDTV - Some questions

Some people say that the component video cables work better than HDMI.  You may want to run component from your AT&T box to your TV.

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Re: Just got an 3D HDTV - Some questions

On the noise issue without seeing it actually I would have to guess, what is your sharpness set at? Turn it off or have it very low, see if that helps.


Check your settings on the Netflix input and your U-verse input. I've found the U-verse HD picture, including on demand to be a lot better than Netflix. I have Netflix via 1080p.


You are able to see more pixilation on a LCD TV than your old tube TV.


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Re: Just got an 3D HDTV - Some questions

Did you change the U-verse output to either 720P or 1080i after you connected it to the new HD tv?




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Re: Just got an 3D HDTV - Some questions

I left it at 720p. I did not know you could change it!


I just changed the U-Verse stb to 1080i.

I actually saw more digital noise around people walking around during Hell's Kitchen then when it was set to 720p. Faces and moving objects had "glitter" around them.


I'll try adjusting the sharpness next and see what happens. I also will try to turn set the auto motion back to Clear. I've actually had it off for awhile for testing.


It's a tough call to keep 1080i over 720p. Granted I was watching a DVR of a standard def show. I'll have to try HD again later.





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